Asian? Check. Glasses? Check. High IQ? Check.

IQ has always been a somewhat controversial topic. Some people say that it is a good measure of intelligence, others will say that it is not. I am of the opinion that IQ is measuring something. And that something that IQ measures has very clear correlation to things like income, crime and quite possibly intelligence.

If we were to measure intelligence solely on IQ then Asians would come out on top when it comes to races. I find this pretty interesting. Following Asians with the highest IQs you have Whites, Hispanics and Blacks.

Asians clearly have the highest IQ out of any race

The graph above shows how Asians have higher IQs than any other race. So when it comes to IQs you have Asians at the top.

"The debate concerns the interpretation of research findings that test takers identifying as 'White' tend on average to score higher than test takers of African ancestry on IQ tests, and subsequent findings that test takers of East Asian background tend to score higher than whites."

When you look at it by country you will also find this same pattern. Countries where the population is predominantly Asian have the highest IQs. Countries that are White and Hispanic have lower IQs, while countries that are predominantly Black, like Africa, have the lowest IQs.

But it isn't just country. It is also race. Asians in American have higher IQs than Whites in America and so on. So within the same country the differences in race and IQ is still heavily apparent.

For those of you who are really into facts, science and research go through the first 100 articles here and find the common thread between all the data:

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Robneum: Yeah it's very correlated,

Yeah it's very correlated, but fortunately the living standard of those people living in third world countries will improve as soon as the fertility rate reach 2,1 children per women, since it is extremely essential for any country to provide good quality of life for its population. Most people do not realize it, but every country in the world, including the more developed today, such as Norway, Switzerland, Japan, Canada, etc. were underdeveloped at the time that their fertility rates were 6 children per woman, as is currently in most of Africa. Even China realized this and implemented the one child policy because It knew It would never become a developed country with high fertility rate. With fewer children, there are more investment in education and less spending on expenses for both the State and for the family itself. A good example of this is Botswana, which has the lowest fertility rate in sub saharan Africa, and thanks to that, it is sub saharan Africa' s most developed country.

Anonymous: Correlation is not causation
@Robneum (view comment)

Correlation is not causation m8. If parental investment were the only thing that mattered adopted children would do as well as they parents and shit like that.

Nam: Not all Asians have 5-6

Not all Asians have 5-6 points above the mean, in the similar manner that not all whites do.

The scientific explanation is possibly one or more of the following factors :
Selection Pressure Hypothesis
Groups of individuals who could be murdered at any chance by nearby lions had to rely more on time-sensitive measures of biases and behaviours. Namely, reduced impulse control inhibition, higher aggression and various sorts of other factors. Whereas in climates with more variability, there were more conditions that had to be dealt with, which in turn caused those more adaptable to the environment to proliferate. These people had to plan long-term solutions, sharpen tools for usage, store information into tablet symbols, etc.

Genetic Drift + Reproductive Isolation
The mutations or combinations of gene alleles responsible for intelligence never arised, and so these populations never had any significant proportion of such individuals having advanced executive control capabilities or advanced abstract reasoning capabilities.

Premji Nitwal: Asians have small penis than blacks & Americans.

Well, Asians have small penis than Blacks & Americans.

Frank: "Hispanic" is not a race

"Hispanic" is not a race they have blacks, whites & Asians as well.

Julie: Do you think China's one

Do you think China's one-child policy had any bearing on this? We know that IQ and financial success have direct correlation. Jews have the highest IQs - those Jews who could afford to (and therefore likely had higher IQs) fled Germany before slaughter, effectively cutting off the bottom of that gene pool (before anyone gets apoplectic, it was a bad thing; not condoning it at all).

Nam, it's aggregate. Taken as a WHOLE, Asians (especially those in Japan and Singapore) score higher. It doesn't mean an individual who is Asian is smarter than an individual who is Northern European.

yiddishlion: IQ scores

Ashkenazi Jews have higher I.Q's than Asians.

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