So I've been doing some research on Autism lately and find it quite interesting. The general consensus is that autism is a "disorder", yeah kinda like attention deficit disorder. Or in other words, it's an imaginary group somebody made up to label certain characteristics of people. There are a few other disorders you may have not yet heard about:

  • OED - overeating disorder
  • RHGED - red hair, green eyes disorder
  • LASD - lazy and spoiled disorder
  • RASD - reverse autism spectrum disorder
  • SSD - severe sheeple disorder
  • LORD - lack of research disorder
  • and on and on...

Autism isn't a disorder. It's a way people are. People are different, they're not all the same. People have different strengths, weaknesses, aptitudes and interests. But since we're so disconnected from our true selves and since we are so hell bent on making sure that everyone is the exact same as everyone else we make sure to ostracize anyone that is different.

Some people are naturally more into things that may be considered "Autistic". They are into organization, they are into the dynamics that make things work, they could care less about social interaction, they are into their own personal world and on and on. That doesn't make them autistic. It means they like these things.

Other people are naturally more into things like disorganization, not understanding details or dynamics and over-socialization. By autistic standards it would be equally valid to call these people "reverse autistic" or whatever other label you want to give it. So maybe the autistic people are normal and everyone else is actually reverse autistic (RASD).

You can place a label on anything and call it a disorder. But it makes very little sense because finding a set of attributes that are outside of what we currently call "normal" and then labeling them as a disorder makes the assumption that what we currently call "normal" is correct. But there is no way to prove it is or it isn't. People are free to live life however the hell they want to live it. And just because you think somebody should live a certain way doesn't mean they should. If you want to tell them how to live then they can equally tell you how to live.

I really think majority of doctors have gone full retard these days. Most doctors, or people of any profession, don't actually think, they follow procedure. They don't take something like autism and truly try to understand it. They don't go about and search out facts and perspective bearing upon the situation. They don't form their own opinion with what makes the most sense to them. No, oh no. They simply parrot and repeat what their superior told them to repeat when they went to "school". Their degree proves competency not in thinking, but in reporting. They're a reporter like the reporters you see on the news -- only they report the medical narrative in person, not the political narrative on TV.

Let's keep going.

Some of the smartest people you will ever find are autistic. Ever heard of Jacob Barnett? At age 14 the dude is 100 times smarter than most people will ever dream of. The guy thinks stuff that people don't have the capacity to think. And he's autistic. Sure, he's socially awkward and laughs like a weirdo, but that's what makes him unique and awesome. I don't think he's smart because he's smart. I think he's smart because he's different and unique. He even says so if you listen to him speak. He tells people to do their own thing and find their unique perspective. That's what he has done with his life and it's a big reason as to why he's so smart. Would you rather him be like everyone else and talk about the New England Patriots and American Idol or would you rather him be different and be like the people who invented the television so you can watch sports and entertainment?

I'm not saying everyone should be autistic. But I most certainly am saying autistic people shouldn't be like you. They are who they are, and they are growing and experiencing life the same way you are. So stop telling people that being this way or that way is a disorder or incorrect. That's straight bullshit. You're not the authority on right living, and cultures and societal norms come and go. Yesterday autistic people may have been considered normal. Today they may be considered diseased. Tomorrow they may be considered genius. There's a whole universe outside of your little box, and people don't have to fit into it.

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Carl: This is very interesting to

This is very interesting to read. I think it is hard to make a clear defined label for people. I stuck my finger in my butt and it hurts, and this was like two days ago. It still hurts but when you define pain, it's hard to determine if my butt hurts or if my finger hurts. Either way, it stinks. Bitch

Kyle Z. : Autism

Autism is a disorder. But the word disorder has a negative connotation, but isn't necessarily bad. Everybody has a disorder! Extroverts have extroversion disorder.
Note that disorder ≠ disability. Autism isn't a disability, it's a disorder.

Jake Lloyd Rules: Everything is a disorder? Now
@Kyle Z. (view comment)

Everything is a disorder? Now you've gone full retard.

Anonymous: Have you seen full blown

Have you seen full blown autism? It is very disabling.
However gastrointestial problems, infections etc cause so called autistic like behaviours and results bad brain development.

There are also very serious comorbid sensory problems. Quite possibly some of those individuals are trapped by badly functioning sensory system and makes them behave very autistic like.

Yes, autism is actually very dubious umbrella term for serious brain problems. I wouldn't trust psycho* persons opinions on this medical matter

Anonymous: Autism is an excuse for

Autism is an excuse for parents that can't control their unruly children. Autism is fake.

ruthbobobobo: that is the biggest bullshit
@Anonymous (view comment)

that is the biggest bullshit ever you clearly no fk all about autism

jeff: REALLY?!
@Anonymous (view comment)

I can tell you full well autism is a real thing! I have seen plenty kids have it!!!!!!!!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!!

Anonymous: In anwser to this, autism is
@Anonymous (view comment)

In anwser to this, autism is not an excuse, it is a reason for behaviours it is not fake it has to be diagnosed by a professional and it can take years I didn't get my diagnosis till I was 12 I'm nearly 24 & its people like you who make it difficult for us to get support understanding and acceptance

You dont live with autism you have no idea what it is like to have a condition where your communication is limited and or difficult and you get overwhelmed by even the slightest noise, smell, taste or touch so shush

Anonymous: Autism is a blanket

Autism is a blanket "diagnosis" for children who display character traits that fall out of the "normal spectrum". These character traits, although maybe not necessarily the cause of poor parenting, are definiately exacerbated by permissive, laissez faire parents. They accept unacceptible behavior from their "autistic" children because it's easier to simply excuse the behavior by saying "he/she has autism" than it is to do their job...that is parenting their child and teaching them what is acceptable behavior. It is disgusting.

Anonymous: Autism is real.. No good

Autism is real.. No good parent would wish this on any child.. not even for an excuse.. Autistic kids are not bad behaved & are not always aware that they are doing something inappropriate.. You can be the best parent in the world & still have an autistic child.. I would give the world to have my child be able to interact with peers & live & enjoy life like the rest of us.. I try with all my might everyday for my child to learn to speak & express herself to me.. you are crazy if you think autism is an excuse.. it is much more complicated than dealing with a bad behaved child for both parents & child, because the childs brain does not function the same as typical people & it is not the childs fault.. some people are so cold hearted

Luke Jackson: Agree with the sentiment here!

I must admit, when I began reading this article, it was not without a sense of foreboding and a heavy heart. I continued, however, and I have to say, I love the sentiment, even if I don't fully agree with it. I write about and speak on the subject of Autism, and am Autistic myself.

The thing is, if you put an Autistic person in a room by himself, then what Autistic behaviour exists? Sure, they may line things up, or spin, or flap, but we only find this behaviour odd because it's against mainstream social consensus. As for problems with social interaction and communication problems, what problems exist when there is no one to communicate or socialise with?

In short, unfortunately, Autism is real - but often (I say often - sometimes there are co-morbid sensory problems that are debilitating in and of themselves, but I'm talking about Autism on it's own,) only because other people have made it real. It only exists in the differences in behaviour than those stipulated by a general consensus of social normality. It only exists because those with Autism break the rules, and bring about change from the norm. Which is not just a shame, but is also, when you think about it, beautifully ironic.

Excellently written article, squire.

Anonymous: very true, autism is just a

very true, autism is just a way of explaining abnormalities

Hung Lo: Hung Lo think you are correct.

This is Hung Lo from the Chinese Restaurant. Hung Lo has a friend who says her child is autistic. She does not work and gets a large government check and many benefits because her child has.

Hung LO say First, note there is no objective medical test to determine if someone is autistic. There are only varying lists of behavioral traits, some of which are vague enough to fit anyone. Supposed symptoms of autism given by the Autism Society of America, and other organizations, include “insistence on sameness,”“little or no eye contact,”“fixation with certain objects or subjects,” and “preference to be alone.” So in other words, if your child is different, perhaps shy or introverted, they may be autistic and require behavioral therapy, medication and special schooling.

Hung so suspects fraudulent about autism is the “autism spectrum,” which seemingly every human being could fall into, with vague symptoms like “insistence on sameness” and “fixation with certain objects or subjects.”

Talk Show Host Michael Savage says ""In 99% of the cases, it's a brat who hasn't been told to cut the act out. That's what autism is. What do you mean they scream and they're silent?" Savage said last week in remarks that lit up the Internet over the weekend.
"They don't have a father around to tell them,'Don't act like a moron. You'll get nowhere in life. Stop acting like a putz.'"

Hung Lo agree with Michael Savage. There is no Autism in China or many parts of the world. It's because Chinese parents are superior and do not put up with a spoiled brat.

Hung Lo hope they no longer give checks out for Autism. Waste of my tax dollars.

"Autistic" Person: You're all being jerks down

You're all being jerks down here in the comments.
Autism does NOT equal kids with bad behavior, who told you that?
Most of the time this "Bad Behavior" is just a lack of empathy or inhibitions.
And even then, that's not even the majority of cases, a lot of Autistic people are perfectly well behaved. People just pay more attention to the ones who seem rude because they literally have difficulty figuring out what is and isn't acceptable.

defenderofnotstupid: The symptoms of autism are

The symptoms of autism are parallel to many other "disorders" and maybe society should stop encouraging kids bad behaviour by babying kids behaving improperly. Tongue twister there. All kids are greedy n selfish until we the parents dissuade or teach them modesty and to share. Label the kid and now he/she has a get outta jail free card"I can't help it I'm autistic or adhd . Now I'm not saying that all mental disorders are invalid but I firmly believe in mans ego to make a difference and society's kneejerk willingness to always accept what they are told from the "experts".. Wheb even in their own admittance based on the ever changing "spectrum" that they have grown to make peoples fit the criteria. the collateral damage to our future generations believing this crap is still TBD. Rational thinking used to be taught by disciplinary means given by the authority. These diagnosi are just the diversionary bandaid to patch up this idiocracy called the us of a.

Jm: Toddlerhood withdrawal

I apparently withdrew around the same age as Jacob did. I didn't blossom much afterward, though. I have poor remembering ability which is a thing that hindered my development. The researcher said something that confirmed my notion that human intelligence tends to be lower without good memory. He also has more raw brainpower than I ever had, to my knowledge. For example, I've always been slow at reading. Also, math has never been easy for me either.

John Combs: I can't really agree. What

I can't really agree. What you're describing sounds more like Asperger's syndrome than Autism and I would agree that Asperger's is nothing more than being "too smart for your own good". My best friend's child was diagnosed with Asperger's and there's nothing wrong with him, other than having no filter (says exactly what he's thinking, no matter how inappropriate) and being quite socially awkward. Despite his awkwardness, he's gotten into drama and, at about 13, is already a brilliant actor. However, I've worked with fully Autistic children and there's no comparison. These kids barely function as human beings. Children with Down's and children with fetal alcohol syndrome are often more high-functioning than the autistic ones I've seen. I knew one that was such an extreme case that he was just barely a thinking being. He never spoke, and would simply wander aimlessly in the classroom. If the environment changed in the slightest, he would sit on the floor and scream for hours because of his confusion. I mean this in the most literal sense possible: my 2 year old dog is probably higher functioning as a human being than this child was. Literally, his behavior had to be controlled (no excuse, because we did have him under control) only through Pavlovian conditioning. The child had no concept of self of any kind; he had to be trained like a house pet.

Bob Smarts: Wrong

Autism is a serious disorder that isn't "made up", nor is it just "the way some people are". In other words, even a unusual but normal, healthy human being wouldn't show up on the autistic spectrum. Is it a made up label? Of course it is. That's how science works. It isn't perfect, and can be changed, and will exist as long as its useful. Don't hate science. Also, don't be ignorant. If you were autistic, and it affected your ability to achieve your goals, have a happy social life and, in general, think, speak and act clearly, you would feel different about this. There are real environmental problems causing autism and opinions like your's would have us accept this as "normal". You're dumb.

neil orange peel: my child is due for assesment (UK)

them other is polish andi am english. our daughter speaks polish-fluently aged 3.5. that is her choice, though she is starting to use a lot of english and will catch up. we live in the middle of nowhere and are very isolated other than people we come into contact with through work or daily activity. our child attends a nursery but doesnt play with the other kids who have all grown up in the same village, whereas we have moved up here from london so are realtive strangers to the community. the nursery put us onto a speech therapist who has in turn put us on to a paediatrician. we have just come back from the paediatrician and after 10 minutes of being in a strange clinic in a strange hospital sitting in a strange room with strange people that we have never even seen before, they have told us that we NEED to have our daughter assessed for autism. do you like pork? do you like beef? no and no-im vegetarian but you didnt ask me. ...and thats how the line of closed questioning went. we think our child is a bit a shy but the experts think it more prudent to have an assesment for one specific condition instead of a more general valuation that might determine why our child is a bit shy with other kids. living out in the country and not knowing too many people many? they are complete fucking quacks lol. anything to get your child to eat some pills right?

Pieplup: Autism is Real

I know this Because, I'm autistic. The Autism term is a Umbrella term it is does not mean that every autistic has to have a bad Sensory system it is that they have a different functioning level, they may learn differently or not be able to hand-write well. Also, most conditions that are often co-morbid with autism, can happen in Allistic people. So Theoretically, one could not have SPD, and still Behave like a Autistic. For, Example autistics don't struggle with social interaction because, they are not social, but, because they're brains value different conversational rules.

Anonymous: Autism is real, and so is

Autism is real, and so is ADHD.

Asha: Autism. Is. Real.

This is a very disappointing article. Why? Because it is a real disorder that affects millions of people. Also, autism is not the equivalent of stupidity. Both are very different problems.

John ktas: Autism

Autism, adhd , eating disorders, and all other disorders are all Parmaceutical made disorders. Like AIDS, EBOLA Viruses. They are not real , they are man made. Not real as per nature. With autism , can't it be the genius in a child's brain that does that? Now they call it autism.

Queenie: Wish Autism culture would shut up already...

Personally, Autism culture is obnoxious to me.
It's basically phony parents with troglodyte kids who walk around, begging sympathy from society, or they'll label them "ableist scum" if they don't grovel a bit and kiss their ass.
High functioning kids with autism just look like pedophiles you'd see on Fox News, that just seem to use their condition to prove how "great they are" with their nasally garbled voice while they hold poky in one hand and a manga book in another hand.
Yes sure, Autism's great to be a heathen and claim tax benefits, while treating your kid like shit behind closed doors. But long term, your kids either going to get shot by somebody who hates "bumbling troglodytes" or if your kids high functioning and looks like a creepy pedo/weaboo is going to get jail time once cops find kiddie porn on his computer because next door neighbor reported "suspicious behavior".

Autism is bullshit. Parents with autistic children should be demonized rather than praised. Cause most parents of autistic children are verbally and emotionally abusive narcissists that use their kid as a scapegoat for their problems. Or as an ego booster because their character is inexsistent.

I hope one day mental health culture will be abolished in the future because narcissists are ruining the earth. And keeping retarded kids that will never contribute to society is pointless. Just take em out like the boy in the movie Ol' Yeller. When his dog got rabies, that boy did that dog a favor and took that dog outta his misery. Keeping retarded kids is for people with low self esteem and daddy issues. Because retarded people can't confront you, report you if you violated them in any way, shape, or form, or go outside and be productive members of society. Parents with low self esteem want to control people because they can't themselves, and that's why many of them adopt retarded kids. It's comfortable to manipulate and control them.

Autism parents are narcisstic heathens making it miserable for everybody else. And that "autistic people are unique" bullshit sounds new age to me. Tired of it. I know butt hurt narcissists will demonize me for my harsh opinions, I don't care. I'm executing my free speech. It's America for fucks sakes. Not North Korea.

Unknown: My parents were fine
@Queenie (view comment)

I have Autism, ADHD, and depression. And you know what? My parents raised me fine. They were very good parents (Although I am a somewhat fucked up individual. As in highly disturbing)

Ali: Wow Queenie!

You are exactly what you accuse the Autistic community is doing. The hypocrisy within your ableism is astounding because you haven't even research it before bitching about it! How stupid can you be? 'Autism is fake?' Who are you to decide that? Are you a certified psychologist/psychiattrist/neurologist? 'Narcissism?' Clearly you show a thing or two about it via some long-ass crybaby rant. I see that you are only self-projecting because 1.) YOU expect folks to coddle you/blindly agree with you (hence your claim that anyone who disagrees is Narcissisttic) because 2.) You are not the center of the sympathy and you are definately not the center of Autism awareness as you claim. So in your own eyes the only person who deserves overwhelming support is you! Developmenttally disabled people are more prone to physical/verbal/sexual abuse so why are you so envious of them so badly? Cry me a river!

Pete Powell: I was diagnosed with Asperger

I was diagnosed with Asperger's and it really annoys me how they lump low functioning autism with high functioning Asperger's. I don't feel any connection to the mentally retarded people who don't speak. Maybe there are similar symptoms in the same way colds and flu are similar but they're not the same.

JB: I agree. Unless your child

I agree. Unless your child has classic autism with clearly marked deficits, e.g. very low IQ, extremely delayed or absent speech, etc, I don't truly believe the majority of kids diagnosed these days have anything "wrong" with them. The autism "spectrum" is just byproduct of the overemphasis on conformity that America promotes. Over time the definition of Autism has changed from children with severe mental deficits to basically children with "odd" interests. On top of that, with the invention of the Internet and social media, it's relatively easy to grow into being an adult these days without ever developing real face-to-face social skills. These days kids can spend their childhood and teens playing video games instead of interacting with their peers, allowing them to miss crucial social experiences and developmental periods. It's pretty well-known that millennials have suffered from social skill deficits when compared to the previous generations, partially because they don't need to use them nearly as often in day-to-day life.. Does that mean they have autism? No, most of them just lack the amount of social experience that the previous generations were forced into.

Cora Hubert: From a mom

My child was diagnosed yesterday with mild autism. The behaviors of wanting to wear the same shoes, the same clothes, being obsessed with a certain toy that we have to take EVERYWHERE. Screaming because the sun is out and it hurts his eyes or he didn't exit out of the right car door. Seeing a son struggle on how to start a social interaction and seeing him hate himself for it. Crying because someone tries to hug him and it is just too much. For any parent with an autistic child you get it. And for those who don't and think it's made up walk in my shoes. Autistic children are beautiful..different like all of us and need to be understood...just like all of us. Then there's plain stupidity of the common people and there's no fixing that.

Howard: Aspbergers

I am actually diagnosed with aspbergers myself, which I have to say is complete and utter nonsense in itself, however I can not speak on actual severe autism considering I have never personally known someone with the "disorder" or whatever they are calling it these days, but I would infer that is has little basis in reality as well---- however, as for my "aspbergers" I was COMPLETELY misunderstood and misintereted into the "aspbergers" label, whereas I actually am a completely functinal, socially competent person, who is admiringly very unique and I guess even quirky as I am SO unique, but I actually like being unique and do not see it as a "disorder". This is because I know that the human brain and personality is so malleable, and I know that I have complete control over how I act--- so I can act weird or "normal" or however I please---- I just prefer to act "unique" because I like to stand out, like to be remembered, and like to be my own person. And actually having my own unique personality has really benefited me personally as a lot of people generally like my personality and feel that it is very strong. Anyways, I will believe in "aspbergers" or "autism" if STRUCTURAL differences in the brain are found to be true---- however, if we archaically diagnose people with so called "disorders" based on the notion of "normal" or "socially acceptable" opposed to BIOLOGICAL, then we will to continue to regress as a society and become more and more pathetic lmao. Okay so basically rant over, yeah, long story short, aspbergers, first hand is either drastically over diagnosed, fantasy, or what I suspect, a combination of the two. As for autism, perhaps some people do have a brain problem that makes them act a certain way, but until ACTUAL proof comes out putting these disorders in black and white, I think these "diagnoses" are just plain nasty.

Ass-burgers: I have Asperger's, or at

I have Asperger's, or at least that's what I tell people. I did get an official diagnosis; that wasn't hard at all. Now I play the Asperger's card anytime I want special treatment. Try it; it's awesome!

Anonymous: As an autistic person, I can

As an autistic person, I can say that this is absolutely closed-minded, ignorant, and idiotic in general. Autism is a real mental disorder that I have. I get extreme anxiety socializing, learning, and standing in crowds. I've had all of these symptoms since birth, and I was brought up in a family where my parents would actually help me socialize, learn, and deal with large amounts of people, but nothing worked. You can't tell me that I am faking these symptoms, especially when I've had them since birth. People that also show symptoms of ASD and ADHD are above average intelligence.

This article is backed up by nothing but the persons own opinions. You are required to show scientific proof that autism doesn't exist for it to not exist.

Quinton Figueroa: Everybody gets anxiety to
@Anonymous (view comment)

Everybody gets anxiety to different degrees, you get it to an extreme degree. There are other pros that you have such as attention to detail that other people don't have. Does this mean that they are reverse-Autistic? You're not faking it, that's who you are, and it's not wrong to be that way. I'm on your side, I'm not attacking you. Did you even read the article?

Brian: Re: Faking

I agree with Quinton. He's not claiming that so-called "autistic" behaviors are simply some sort of moral failing or a choice. He's saying that the strengths and weaknesses that people labelled autistic have are real, but that doesn't have to mean that specific weaknesses or differences have to be the byproduct of a disorder, simply the result of different brain wiring. Basically, weaknesses can be acknowledged without labeling the person.

Billy boy: Contradiction

So your title says autism is fake, yet your article acknowledges it as real. You say autism is just a label by those brinwashed doctors, then turn around and use the label. Something can't be fake and real, phony and credible, sensational and commonplace at the same time. Are you schizophrenic?

Mister Meat: sort of a thesis

I don't ever comment, because I consider myself smarter than to spend time on that (and when i comment i want it to be right on the money and well worded, as words are everything).
But seeing that my comment will be of good reference later in my life (copy-paste in note) I would like to share some knowledge.
I suffer from severe righteousness (sarc, but somewhat true), so allow me to masterfully autistically synthesise a mini-thesis regarding assburgers (in dutch burger means citizin, hows that for wordsplay). And i'm 33d comment so you better listen to the highest functioning of autistics (jk if you understand things about freemasonry phoneyship, and I don't even really have autism.. for phoneyness fun.. kidding aside read what i have to say below):

I too find the sentiment of this article appealing, as that leads me to assume that the author has the right grip on reality. But he's definitely off. As others have said, autism (and adhd etc) are very real. There's a spectrum in everything. Doctors or any of your other professional degenerates stick the label on you if you fall in the required spectrum for diagnosis. Lots and lots of ill-labeling indeed, obvious example is adhd (you kid could be just active, you know, like they're meant to). With autism, there's low and high functioning, and i guess medium as well (first time i think of it). The typical differentness seen in 'typically viewed'(for lack of better wording, english not native language) autistics is definitely not applied to all autistics. I think the premise(i forget what it means, but i think i'm right in using it) of all autistics being different than 'normal' is correct. 'normal', because this world and the sheeple in it aren't (anymore, and well past it). Lower functioning autistics are the retards(sorry not offendendly meant), higher functioning autistics are the uniquely smarter ones (then whats middle? just a weirdo i guess..). I have in the past pictured a large spectrum of health (so i'm speaking generally now), with autism on the way left('bad') side and vibrant fulloflife people on the right (I believe/cometoknow weed is what gets you there, along with many health practices), and 'normal' in the middle. The group of autistics typically have lots of non-mental stuff going on as well (me: gastro-int, rhinosinisitus, mold allergy, hearing impaired, ..). 'Normal' people are those with moderate to many subclinical symptoms (less subclinical symptoms = more to the right), and real humans are just that: humans and disease-free and full of purpose. But don't take that (as i don't) as gospel, because there's probably exceptions of autistics who have nothing but abilities and no visible shortcomings in health. But generally speaking, all autistics are not your model of health, they all have (more than 'normal') (sub)clinical symptoms.

And to add further to the nuances.. I don't even have real autism.. I have pseudo autism (dutch: 'apparent'autism) is the conclusion I'm coming to lately (after knowing it is a real, and more occuring than known, phenomenon). It just basically means health is fucked up enough to display autistic symptoms (that i definitely have/had), with many similar etiologies(causes). But there's contradicting symptoms. Add to that that many of my (and i postulate many) 'symptoms'(as thats hard to discern from 'normal' too) are from compensating shortcomings my whole life. for example I'm really sociable and I'm extremely intelligent in conversations/explanations-howto now, but thats because I had to figure out the logicness of it all because I perceive things differently/difficultly (and I have hearing impaiment of 50db higher tunes, so it gets as complicated as it can get). I'm almost sure there's a clear distinction between autistics(lowandhighfunctioning) and pseudo (higherfunctioning) autism.
I know what I'm talking about, as I'm diagnosed by a specialised institution trough tests (questionnaire and calculations/words/drawings etc). So I'm (pathologically speaking here) different. But the differentness comes from the hardwiring in the brain trough having lived in this suboptimal state (with the mental side then being labelled as autism). And trough that I probably cultivated unique/stronger gifts. I feel that I have pseudo autism, because I seem to hover in weird places of the spectrum, as i'm now practically curing my autism (but the pseudo/cultivated part remains a bit, the extent of which i'll see in the future). On the other hand, had I not embarked on the path I've gone since 8 years, I would still be in zombiemode resembling very much as a very unhealthy autistic (and auto-immune problems to be expected, as society is ridden with it).
But if there's any chance someone wants to fill in some gaps regarding autism - pseudoautism, go ahead.

Let me iterate for those skipping over sentences: autism is real and has definite(although as always people jump to confusions by contradicting conclusions) co-existing symptoms. As a ' 'fake' ' (now i even have to use double parenthesis.. because I don't fake things, however I fake that I fake things.. or something like that, I don't wanna wrap my head around that any more) high function ass-citizin, and weeeelllll researched on that subject I have a very good grip on reality of these matters. Though I'm no scientist, and definitely don't want to be. But I also want to steer clear from LORD and SSD. One can call me asscitizin if they want, because I take money from the government, so point taken. But its all fucked up anyway (and could easily be paradise-like), so guilt? no, I 'deserved' it. parenthesis meaning I didn't ask for 25 yrs of misery, adding to that 2 yrs of hell recovering from psychosis.

I know what you're probably thinking. Dude had psychosis? probably still in that somewhere. Making some of you feel good that my difficultly differently difficult explanation might be just partly delusional thinking. Who am I kidding, nobody reading anymore 'till this point probably.
If reading along: having gone trough psychosis (combined with all that makes me me) makes me actually more reliable as a source of truthful information/reasoning (I'm on my way to become health coach). Having thought triple times over reality, even before discovering this world is ruled by freemasons/jesuits (reluctant to say illuminati or elites, as that puts people into SSD mode) and we really live in the matrix (created by disininformation, on all fronts, even the shape of the earth. I'm not a radical flat earther, though I'm definitely not a baalin' pear-earther).

Autism(symptoms) is very real, and this group is the group most vulnerable to psychosis. why (as well as with all other symptoms)? rooted in the immune system (and the many factors that go with it). It is definitely a disorder, and a disability, but in the case of high functioning it comes with uniqueness/gifts (I don't know if there are exceptions) and some disabilites can be consciously masked (eg socialness) or improved trough various means. Calling it a disorder, but 'unfortunately' negatively connotated, I find a negatively connotating to me :p. It should be justfully named as it is, a yet another form of suboptimal health. And not a new-age-y concept to instill in everybody's mind, as 'they' want to do coming years (and succeeding already), that we're all special and unique (though we are, but you should understand what i mean). Suboptimal health is negative. nobody wants to be in suboptimal health. And I presume everybody finds negative to be negative (no matter in how far your ego is attached to that). Anologously explained: I'm against perverted sex (homosexual. though I won't deny lesbian porn won't turn me on, as I'm not exempt from brainwashing) and the roots of it (media, food industries, dumber people etc), but I'm not against gay people (nor gay mariage).
Autism = group of symptoms. symptoms = what is abnormal. what is abnormal = deviant from really normal health (no parenthesis). So autism(or the symptoms, because diseases don't exist) = an expression of suboptimal or downright degrading factors to health(immunesystem/gut/brain) (does not imply that you're guarenteed to be unhappy and unproductive in society, all though it is most of the times inferior to where we could be, as the immune system is everything). Also, not because you view yourself to be autistic with only the upsides, that you are. Unless you have a deep knowledge that I have about human health, then you are for sure not seeing the underlying symptoms/processes. For example I have a former classmate/friend who has adhd (in fact in every class i've been, there was someone with adhd..) and he's jovial and vibrant. But trough the years I know how unbalanced he lives (directly to do with the unhealthy processes underlying adhd, and because of the external manifestation of adhd allthough that plays more in his favor). Though I guess it could be that there are exceptions, for example I believe Lionel Messi to be mildly autistic (making him 'out of this world', better yet: totally in the real world). But in my mind there's always stuff to work trough, should you want to be living a life of autisticness with very little downsides. That's where I'm heading.

It is just a FACT that every disease(yes that's what autism almost always is, a dis-ease) under the sun has increased 100's of percentages since last decades/century (not because of better screening, give me a break).
Let me tell you something about the DSM-IV (diagnositic manual mental illness): its made up, every disease is made up. Its just the degree to which your problems/symptoms are to be explained/categorized by putting a stamp/diagnosis on it (you can hardly speak of dia-gnosis these days, as most doctors don't know anything). DM-IV is just another example of scienTISM (religion of science), bullshit for profit and brainwashing for putting forth an agenda. Real science lies in the ability to think rationally and logically about things, for which you then should become an autistic of sorts. Don't you just love the paradoxalities (idc if thats right or not) in this paradoxal pear-earth (pear eart: neil degrasse said that on tv, as we're gullible enough to just let that sink in and not even question the authorities). I agree that ebola/aids is made up (their agenda), but autism doesn't fall into that category. Though the autism epidemic(what isn't these days) has a clear agenda behind it (vaccines, pure poison).

I totally agree that the different thinking / uniqueness is what makes one (capable of being) brilliant. So autism can bring forth brilliance. Where we to all have really optimal health (as in ancestral times) then we're all brilliant (enough). But in this 'modern' world sheeple are to be thinking the way they've been taught to think, non-autodidactly and by convential means. Screwed up world we live in, screwed up people (autistics) (could) be of unique benefit to society and themselves by cultivating different mindset/reasoning and knowledge. So I would 'label' high functioning assburgers as anti-retards (retards being what is normal these days, going to a drake concert and get brainwashed).
I kinda am that way, all though by no means do I have an iq of 180, more like 110-120. But people consider me very smart because I have these obtained (a bit of that you can name innate) qualities and knowledge. We could all be as smart/logical/sound as I am (not to bragg). Why we aren't is because of education, or just everything that makes society society. a sack of shit, in other words. makes retard sense, sack of shit turns you into a pile of poop (quite literally, with the thousands of toxins in our body).

What causes us all to go full retard? confusion and division(don't interpret that as your typical libtard), and trough confusion and dividing not knowing (to varying extents) that we're confused and divided. Don't get me started on stupid parents (either aspects), its a cornerstone of why everything's gone haywire (since wwII). We live in such a world of relative bullshit that it is quite hard to escape the retardedness of it all and come to real sense (not common sense, because that's common retardedness in a whole lot of the instances).

"I was diagnosed with Asperger's and it really annoys me how they lump low functioning autism with high functioning Asperger's. I don't feel any connection to the mentally retarded people who don't speak. Maybe there are similar symptoms in the same way colds and flu are similar but they're not the same".
Fact that most people can't think beyond such things, proves enough to me (regarding how retarded our societies are). Though not a perfect example, I completely relate.

this also:
"I have Asperger's, or at least that's what I tell people. I did get an official diagnosis; that wasn't hard at all. Now I play the Asperger's card anytime I want special treatment. Try it; it's awesome!"
Allthough I don't do it for treatments, but I view it as an extra way of ensuring that I can have a nice balanced and fullfilling life. Seems morally just to me.

That's enough dopamine for today (autistics have way too high dopamine).

Cory Desormeaux : Invitation.

Come. Stay with me and my son for a couple days. If you're still convinced it's not a disorder after those three or four days, I'll give you a $1000. PS: don't wear any jewelry or loose clothing, and bring an athletic cup.

Brian: Re: Disorder
@Cory Desormeaux (view comment)

While I agree with you that the symptoms of low-functioning autism are incredibly debilitating and pose many problems for the sufferer and those involved with them, I'm not sure if differences in the brain necessarily can be considered "disorders", merely different wirings. Some wirings result in helpful uniqueness, some result in disabling uniqueness. It would appear your son has the disabling uniqueness that is rather hard to overcome.

ldrancer: stuf

autism is a lot similiar in what they claim in autism in heavy metal poisoning cases. .. and they want to preach to everybody and not think to themselves.


Biff: It's funny how autism never

It's funny how autism never existed 40 years ago, it's a excuse for a child having screwed up parents who want themselves and their stupid jkid to feel special.!

Anonymous: Far too many parents looking

Far too many parents looking for problems, or blaming problems on autism. Kids pick up on it. I'm different so I don't have to do that. I can kick off cos someone told me I need to prepared for change and they didn't do it this time. There are children with severe autistic symptoms, definitely, but there are plenty of others who need to be told you don't have autism, yes you're quirky and a bit different but the world would be a boring place without characters like you. Encourage them to do things, don't tell them they can't do things because they're autistic.

Paul: Poster is 100% wrong but I understand you better than anybody

I understand where he coming from.

Does autism exist?

It does.

Go to any special needs school or spend significant time with somebody who has "autism." There is clearly something wrong with the way their brain functions. You would retract your statement so fast if your son or daughter had autism. No amount of "good" parenting will help them become normal or self-sufficient.

REAL ISSUE: Original Poster doesn't trust modern psychology or psychologists.
I agree with him. Absolutely question their methods of diagnosis, and treatments. But to say the condition Autism doesn't exist is ridiculous.

Shannon Winfield: Autism is not fake, sorry

Mother of 6 year old autistic son. Trust me, not fake. I live it every day. He is very smart, starting reading and counting at age 3. He can do 100 piece jigsaw puzzles. BUT he has extreme difficulty communicating to the point where it is debilitating. We spend hundreds if not thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars on therapies to help teach him the simplest of multi-step tasks (like toileting or washing hands) that other children (like his twin sister) learn easily. He is not anywhere near age appropriate in many areas of social and cognitive development. But, yeah, I'm a shitty parent who refuses to discipline their child and autism is fake.

Tifa : This article is awesome. I’m

This article is awesome. I’m an adult with an autistic child. It was because of my son that I found I had autism too. Like he said(I’m saying this to the people upset with this article)think outside the box. This article actually gave me great comfort because it makes me feel normal when everyone else out there is forcing me to think like an NT. I can clearly say autism, when we’re allowed to be ourselves, is an amazing thing. I’ve done more than my fare share of learning about autism in the last four years, this is definitely one the best things I have ever read about autism.

Anonymous: Autism

I have autism, and I believe autism is a barricade for me. I don't want to be cured. But, it won't stop me until I find a small group of individuals that understand me for once. "Autism won't stop me. It will not stop me.", is what I say every day when I wake up. When it's time to go to bed after a long day I say "It did NOT STOP ME."
I have Autism I'm proud of it!

freedmftr88: iNtuitives / New Age Spiritual Abilities being misdiagnosed

Do you think that iNtuitives ( MBTI ) and people with New Age Spiritual Abilities are often misdiagnosed with things like ADD / ADHD / Asperger’s / etc ? Say on Neurology tests or in the DSM ?
This is something I have noticed a lot in my research.

Nelson: Long live and prosper Asperge Range People

Vulcans, like Spock, are the typical autistics. A lot more focused in logical approach than an emotional one to everything and everybody around.

It´s so Sci-fi to imagine a time human beings will be able to nurture autistic people into society like special talented individuals that deserve their own environment and social living style right next and in-between the neurotypical core of society. First the world must overcome racism and genderism acknowledging all as equals. Then maybe it will be ready to recongnize all equals as different or with the right to outlive their innequality in their own good ways. Nerd culture, more shy introspective and logic friendly, may be such an environment for autistics to feel a little more at ease, who knows?

Self diagnosed in the pre-autistic range, not autistic really but with characteristics to observe, I´ve always been kinda loner, social ackward and anxious. On the other hand, I have an above medium ability to spot patterns and logical links which make it easier for me to connect ideas. Specially in movies, which i like so much.

Do you remember that episode in Breaking Bad that starts with the main character feeding the baby and then turning it over its side to puke and not get choked, then evolves into a scene where the guy using heroin puts his partner over her side as in case of puking not to choke on it and finally ends with the main character himself being put to anestesia over his side for a lung surgery procedure?

Or did it occur to you the fact that planets in the Interstellar movie actually represent the characters themselves? As the planet with huge waves simbolizing the PMT cycles of anxiety driven and emotionally unstable daughter, the icy amonia planet simbolizing the cold, skeptical and gout or diabetes suffering son, or the black hole representing the abyssal emotional void produced by the absence of the Sun, or Father, around whom we orbit as kids? Easy to spot, but not for people more into social peer to peer interaction because spotting connections like these belongs to a "logical internal interactions" thinking.

So I must acknowledge the tone of this article. Asperge range people rock, but in their own ways. I just keep wondering what else more is there for understanding. Thks for that!

Penis Vaginiss: The Current Illness Trend

It seems everyone has something in today's society. Aspergers, ADHD, ADD, Autism, the list goes on and on. While there are certainly real conditions that people suffer from it isn't unreasonable to question some of the validity of all these conditions and the number of people who supposedly suffer from them. At the current rate of diagnosis' it has become an absolute epidemic. I believe most are falsehoods and just an easy way out. People are different in many ways. The ranges in strength, attractiveness, Intelligence, morality, etc are quite large and diverse. Just because someone is lacking in intelligence or common sense or acts like an ass doesn't mean they suffer from something. It's become too easy and a cop out to automatically label someone as a victim instead of making them responsible for their behavior. Not to mention the frauds to gain some type of advantage or money. Sometimes a bad kid is just a bad kid or an idiot is just that.

freedmftr88: Are intuitives considered to be diagnosed by public perception ?

One of the things I've noticed is there's people online who would say that they have ADD / ADHD , Asperger's Syndrome , high functioning autism but all I see is an intuitive. I've heard somewhere Alex Plank ( I think his name is ) who started an online community for people with Asperger's called " Wrong Planet " , is an intuitive. Cameron of Libertarian Socialist Rants ( iNtuitive ) had a whole video sort of hinting the sensor dominated society . John Lennon mentioned similar thoughts in a Rolling Stone interview Feb 1972 . Gregg of In5D mentioned ADD / ADHD relating to New Age Spirituality which I've also seen on MANY New Age quizes online . And it's interesting , because the American Psychology Association Neurology test clearly has questions that are anti New Age ( calling it spiritual thinking , hearing voices * aka telepathy * , can move objects with your mind ) and anti intuitive .
Like you mentioned about labels , anyone can get diagnosed with anything. And also sadly LGBTQ+ activists are also fighting against oppressive and discriminating diagnoses against them.
Like you mentioned in the Ns are Smarter than Ss , sensors just follow iNtuitives. Like if an iNtuitive starts a religion , the sensors will follow it without thinking twice. Of course not all sensors but just saying all of this in theory and matching all the patterns here. Intuitives are the minorities, it's just frustrating when sensors think all intuitives are just like them until they prove them wrong with something that is influential and beneficial to them. And Intuitive can get the big picture idea but with a sensor , it's explanation over and over until they get it. lol

George Charles Timbrell: I think what the author is

I think what the author is trying to convey by stating that Autism is not real is that High-Functioning Autism aka Aspergers is not a disorder. And I agree: I don’t believe it’s a disorder. I have it myself so can speak from experience. Yes, I know everyone’s experience of Aspergers is different, but I still concur that it is not a disorder regardless of how other Aspies perceive it. This is because I think they have a misunderstanding of their condition. I think human beings are becoming more empathic - empathic power is typically associated with Aspergers and consists of quite literally feeling the attitude and emotions of others; I myself experience this regularly and vividly - thus overstimulation is probably symptomatic of such: this doesn’t equate to disorder but rather certain pros can become cons depending on the circumstance - for example, a lion’s design allows for power but not speed likewise a cheetah’s design allows for speed but not power. Empathic power is a feature that will greatly aid humanity in transitioning from the paradigm of fear to the paradigm of Love. I am very convinced humanity is evolving from being Neurotypical to Autistic:

Neurotypicality exhibits behavioural extroversion which was once necessary for our survival as it caused us to form safety in numbers to protect us from animal predation prior to the advent of a technological world, but now that said world is here, Neurotypicality has to go extinct for it fuels technological tribalism: Neurotypicality continues to identify with imaginary borders and build ever more powerful nuclear weaponry. The only evolutionary modification to overcome the threat of technological tribalism is one that prevents it from existing which is that of a neurology that exhibits behavioural introversion: Autism. Such a future will see humanity thinking as individuals thus the countries will become as mere coordinates which in turn will eliminate the threat of technological tribalism.

For more information regarding my hypothesis, check out my book on amazon called Autism: Epidemic or Evolution? By me G. C. Timbrell.

Mary: Great Article

As someone who has a child diagnosed with autism and while they diagnosed my son, they believe me to be high functioning autistic, which the only reason I was not diagnosed with it is because the spectrum did not exist when I was a young child. While many want to condemn the author of this article, I applaud it. I think it was well written and gave an alternative point of view that differs from the mainstream, and is in fact many of my talking points. I say this because back when I was a kid, you didn't have a choice but to learn to be social even if you didn't want to be. You were thrown in a playground with a dozen other kids and you had to learn to socialize and interact with others, whereas now we live in a much more isolated world where these kids are simply not getting that today. Other than the sensory issues, I agree with this. The slightest change throws me off and it throws my son off as well. In real life, I do not tell anyone as I want no sympathy or pre-judgments either way. No one would ever label me as this because I don't broadcast it. I am simply viewed as a very high IQ individual that does have some difficulties in social situations.

What may be considered normal to one may not be considered normal to another. The range of what was considered normal used to encompass a much larger portion of society. As they expanded what they claim to be disorders, this grabbed millions and millions of us who would otherwise be considered "normal." I honestly believe it's a way to put down smart people and make them think there is something wrong with them, but that's just me. I have had to work harder than most people around me, but I have also been rewarded far greater than those people around me as well, so it's all whatever you want to make of it. You can take it as a positive and grow and become one of the most successful (if not the most successful of all) , or you can believe it to hinder one and stunt their growth. For the record, I was specifically told that I would never even graduate high school and not only did I prove them wrong, but I blew by everyone and went far, far beyond that. I will not argue the traits of an autistic, but I will strongly argue that it is not a "disorder."

Jerry Lee Snyder: Autism is Fake

Autism is a label for children who have lazy parents. Bust their ass (the kids) and make them behave.

Honestly , the author is telling the truth: you're all just here to disagree with him

This is goes to the author - Don't listen to most of these comments , they're all stupid , ignorant and from my experience... narcissists. They believe what they want to the detriment of individuals who are ostracised by 'society' because of so-called 'mental disorders'.

Everything and I mean everything you said was true. I have spoken to a lot of 'professionals' , told them how the statistics shows that their 'medication' often doesn't help. They use it to make money off your 'mental illness' yet there is actually no evidence it exists.

DSM-V is all based on subjective opinions. If all of you disagree with what this guy said then you are all narcissists who use your 'depression' (just a feeling , not an illness - I mean can you imagine being told I have sadness , I need meds for it?) and mental health diagnoses and act like it's a literal illness. Maybe you all are 'autistic'.

That was a pun by the way. These labels will never truly benefit you. But they will make you feel special , won't they? I don't care what any of you say - we all know you're going to play victim and say I am hating.

I hate lies. And you are all not very bright if you think false labels are going to solve you're narcissistic fantasy of feeling special. You are all liars.

But seriously most of these comments are all butt-hurt narcissists who play victim with all their 'mental disorders' and pathetic excuses on why they are the way they are... Don't you get it? This guy is trying to help you avoid being stigmatized by the very same media that sells lies and bs.

A 'mental illness' is not a physical health issue. Stop perpetuating lies. You guys are no different from feminism or BLM or just plain ol' attention-seeking narcissists in general...

Honestly , the author is telling the truth: You all just want to feel special

This is mainly to the author - YOU ARE RIGHT. Don't listen to any of them , they are incredibly stupid and unbearably annoying. In my experience there are people wrongly diagnosed with 'mental disorders' and those that choose to believe it (even actively seeking out a diagnosis as if its a health issue - which it's not).

The ones that are being ostracized from society and are good people , you should help. The ones in the comments section that are shaming you for telling the truth... they are all LIARS

I am not joking. My experience with these types of people is they will believe ANYTHING if it makes them feel better... religion , depression (would you take medicine for sadness ? I mean c'mon) , anything.

DSM-V is all based on lies. They are profiting from this , no wonder they are still labeling people, you guys are all narcissists. Most of you in the comments are people who just want to feel special and lie about everything as long as it makes you feel better.

Honestly , you are all attention-seeking narcissists. It always intrugues me how a lot of you never have one 'mental disorder' or 'mental illness'... oh no , you have a 'good' amount of problems.

No ones saying the feeling of being depressed isn't real or the traits of ASD aren't real or anxiety is not real. He's just saying it's not a f***ng 'mental illness'. You all act like it's a real physical health problem being diagnosed it's not the same thing.

Honestly , if you don't like hearing the truth then f*** off. The fact that this guy is saying logical stuff like years ago this would have been considered normal or a lot of these people are shamed for being intelligent is so true.

Or how ADHD is a 'disorder' (it's not real - a lot of kids just want to leave the classroom). No. Kids have a lot of energy. Parents are usually exhausted and way too controlling.

You find this article disappointing because it didn't sprout stereotypical bullshit like how to deal with 'ASD' and 'Depression' and 'Anxiety' and all the other convenient 'disorders' I magically have - feel sorry for me bullshit. Please all of you narcissists stfu.

Honestly , the author is telling the truth: To the author Quinton Figueroa

This is mainly to the author - YOU ARE RIGHT. Don't listen to any of them , they are incredibly stupid and unbearably annoying. In my experience there are people wrongly diagnosed with 'mental disorders' and those that choose to believe it (even actively seeking out a diagnosis as if its a health issue - which it's not).

The ones that are being ostracized from society and are good people , you should help. The ones in the comments section that are shaming you for telling the truth... they are all LIARS

I am not joking. My experience with these types of people is they will believe ANYTHING if it makes them feel better... religion , depression (would you take medicine for sadness ? I mean c'mon) , anything.

DSM-V is all based on lies. They are profiting from this , no wonder they are still labeling people, you guys are all narcissists. Most of you in the comments are people who just want to feel special and lie about everything as long as it makes you feel better.

Honestly , you are all attention-seeking narcissists. It always intrugues me how a lot of you never have one 'mental disorder' or 'mental illness'... oh no , you have a 'good' amount of problems.

No ones saying the feeling of being depressed isn't real or the traits of ASD aren't real or anxiety is not real. He's just saying it's not a f***ng 'mental illness'. You all act like it's a real physical health problem being diagnosed it's not the same thing.

Honestly , if you don't like hearing the truth then f*** off. The fact that this guy is saying logical stuff like years ago this would have been considered normal or a lot of these people are shamed for being intelligent is so true.

Or how ADHD is a 'disorder' (it's not real - a lot of kids just want to leave the classroom). No. Kids have a lot of energy. Parents are usually exhausted and way too controlling.

You find this article disappointing because it didn't sprout stereotypical bullshit like how to deal with 'ASD' and 'Depression' and 'Anxiety' and all the other convenient 'disorders' I magically have - feel sorry for me bullshit. Please all of you narcissists stfu.

These people are no different from feminism or BLM or any group of attention-seeking narcissists in the world. Trust me every so-called discorded person that didn't want to hear how they've been fooled by the psychiatric system (which happens a lot , they are not independent-minded at all and are often narcissistic psychos) , they were narcissists or honestly didn't have enough respect for themselves to tear off the labels.

ALL of the ones I spoke to. The ones that listened to me and understood that it's bs were better off for it.

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