The universe works on what you put energy on. It doesn't go off words or what we say. The universe goes off of what we feel and what we are focusing on. When we focus on ideas these ideas grow and start to take form. The more we focus on ideas the more they grow, until eventually they become a reality. So if this is how the universe works then we best get in alignment with it.

A common misconception people have is that their thoughts don't matter, or even worse that they can think about negative things and not bring these negative things on themselves. The universe doesn't make a distinction of what is good or bad for us. It is all just energy. Energy isn't good or bad. The universe is indifferent. It is up to us to determine the best use of this energy. We are the ones that determine what is good or bad, and that is done by what we focus on.

"Energy isn't good or bad. The universe is indifferent."

If we are negative and always focusing on something bad that will happen then that is what we are feeding. If we are pessimistic and always think that something will fail then this is what we are feeding. Our energy doesn't have an on/off switch. We can't stop energy from flowing somewhere, it's always flowing somewhere. So rather than trying to turn it off we instead must point it in the direction we want. Rather than say we don't want this or we don't want that, we must instead say what we do want.

This is something you see a lot with entrepreneurs and creative people. They know this in their hearts at a deep level. They are always thinking about what they want to create. They are always focusing on what they want. They are always looking into what can be. This is a positive use of energy relative to themselves. They are focusing on what they want.

And then you have the reverse of this. You have people who are always thinking about what will fail, what will not work out and what is wrong with the world. And they continue to feed this and get more of this. This brings to mind a very interesting and pertinent quote by Buckminster Fuller:

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

Buckminster Fuller

This quote is more powerful than most people will realize upon first glance. This is a spiritually true quote. This quote mirrors the universe. We change things by finding a better way, not by hoping the existing way won't happen. We change things by creating something better, not by complaining about the worse.

This gets into how so many people talk about what's wrong with the world, but can never tell us a solution on what would make it better. Finding what is wrong is a small part of the solution. Yes, once you know what you don't want you better know what you do want. But once you know what you do want then you should double down and go all out on that. What you do want is what you should spend your time, energy and focus on. Because this is what will bring it about. You won't bring it about by walking around and telling everybody what is wrong. You will bring it about by building towards it.

Socialism and Capitalism

I can't help but think of Socialism when I talk about this subject. Socialists are literally against Capitalism. Socialists are anti-Capitalist. Socialists are for worker control over the means of production. But socialists rarely, if ever, actually focus on what they are for. They instead focus on what they are against. Socialists spend most of their time fighting the existing Capitalist structure than actually building towards a Socialist one. All this will do is continue to build Capitalism.

Now let's dig a bit deeper.

But of course Socialists do this because the what they are for part is a bit shaky. Just like a child who is against their parent, but doesn't quite know what they are for, Socialists do the same thing. Socialism is less about how to create a better world, but more about what is wrong in the world. Rather than creating systems of worker controlled means of production, the literal definition of Socialism, they instead spend their time and energy bashing Capitalism. This is no different than a child bashing their parent for having a rule they don't like without actually having a better idea on how to do it themselves.

The True Beauty

And this is the krux and beauty of the way the universe works. This is why entrepreneurs and creative people have an edge when it comes to creating. Actually knowing what you want and actually putting energy on it is opposite of what we normally do. Having a somewhat murky and unsolidified idea fumbling around in our heads is scary to most people. Not knowing the complete solution or way is scary. Not knowing how something will end or even begin is scary. Following our hearts instead of the path somebody else gave us takes actual guts. And most people don't want to do this. The whole world is built around not following ourselves or our ideas and we are perfectly okay with this. In fact, we are all in part responsible for this as we refuse to build anything better or different.

And so we are left with the vast majority of people sustaining our way of life by feeding into that energy. And it isn't good or bad. It just is. But if we truly want something better or different then we need to focus our energy on that better thing. We can't bring about change or better without venturing into the unknown world of infinite possibility. To create better we must first take that humble step into the unknown. We must first go against the norm and instead stake our own claim.

"To create better we must first take that humble step into the unknown"

We all have this power. We all have the ability to do amazing things. If we were to simply change our thoughts we would have the ability to create a change like none other in the world. But changing our thoughts is a big order for most people. This is something that is foreign to many of us. When you have built your life upon what you don't like it can be frightening to leave that behind and build your life upon what you do want. Now you have to know what you do want. To many of us this is quite challenging. We spend all our time looking at what we don't want. But we've never really left time to consider what it is we truly want because we don't think it's possible, or we don't even know what that something is.

And that's the point! We need to define what that something is. And you define it by putting energy on it. This is what entrepreneurs and creators do. They don't fully know what "it" is. But they know what it isn't, which is why they avoid focusing on what it isn't. They instead render their energy towards what it is and watch as it solidifies. They put their heart and passion behind an idea and watch it grow. They shower it each day with their thoughts and feed it each day with their heart. This is what true entrepreneurship and creativity is all about. And this is the stuff you're not going to learn in school. This is the stuff you unfold and reveal to yourselves.

Go create!

So I'm telling you. Stop focusing on what you don't want. Get out there and focus on what you do want. Build what you do want. Put energy on it. Put your heart behind it. Let it take over you and your life. Dream the reality you want to create. It's okay to not know where it will lead. Keep following it. Keep focusing on it. The fog will clear the more you think about it. This is fact. This is universal law. The more you focus on something the more it has to become reality. I leave you will a quote from Steve Jobs:

Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.

Steve Jobs

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