Black Lives Matter Cause Feels

Let's start off with a brief summary with what BLM is all about, from their website:

"Black Lives Matter is an ideological and political intervention in a world where Black lives are systematically and intentionally targeted for demise."

Sounds about right, what else we got?

"When we say Black Lives Matter, we are broadening the conversation around state violence to include all of the ways in which Black people are intentionally left powerless at the hands of the state. We are talking about the ways in which Black lives are deprived of our basic human rights and dignity."

Okay, I get it, you care about black lives. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

What is the evidence of blacks left powerless at the hands of the state? Black people killed by police of course. Here's the data for 2016 up until the month of July:

Nevermind the Whites or Hispanics...

Ah, okay, 123 black people have been killed by cops through July 2016. This is across the entire US, all 50 states and hundreds of cities. Quite a bit.

But you know what else matters?

How about 347 black lives murdered by other blacks in the single city of Chicago up through October 4, 2016? The exact same data for 2016 up until October 4, 2016 tells a rather chilling story.

But where are your sources?!?

There have been 571 homicides in Chicago up through October 4, 2016. 443 of these were black homicides. 443 black lives that matter despite Black Lives Matter saying absolutely nothing about them.

The vast majority of the assailants are unknown according to the data. But if we put our thinking caps on we can easily extrapolate this data out to get a pretty close estimation. The ratio of black assailants according to this data is 63.4% (78 / 123). So if we take 60% of 449 (a low estimation) we get: 269. I'm estimating on the low side because I know how anal and emotional people are with data. Okay so 269 + 78 = 347 black assailants.

So we have 443 blacks killed and 347 of those killers blacks just in Chicago so far this year. That's 78% of black deaths caused by other blacks. For whatever reason blacks don't seem to be caring too much about other black lives in Chicago. We may want to point that one out to Black Lives Matter.

We have 123 black people killed by cops throughout all of America and at least 347 blacks killed by other blacks solely in Chicago.

Do black lives really matter guys? I haven't seen anything about these black lives on the news. If black lives really matter then why don't you go after the source? Why don't you focus on the actual black lives being killed? 443 blacks being killed is much more important than 123 black people being killed. And 347 blacks killing other blacks matters. Why are black people killing other black lives that matter? Isn't this a contradiction? Did they not get the memo?

But of course anybody with an IQ above room temperature knows that BLM is complete BS. Perpetuating racism is racist. Talking about racism without facts proving any racism is racist. It's racist to say people are racist towards blacks without any evidence. And the worst part is people really are dying and rather than actually getting to the root of a very real problem you instead create a BS diversion to gain political support. It's so sick.

A real black life that doesn't matter to Black Lives Matter. Racists!

Cmon guys. Stop being used as tools by the true racists to divide the human family. The vast, vast, vast majority of white people don't care about race. White people ended slavery. White America is way better to live in for Black people than Black Africa.

The Democratic party doesn't care about you. You are cannon fodder. The black family is not getting stronger, it's growing weaker in America, along with all the rest of us. The Democratic party doesn't want you to become self-responsible and free. They want you to be slaves under the welfare system and state. We've gone from overt slavery to covert slavery. Wake up people. All these organizations are not on your side. You're a tool for a political agenda. Your life does matter, but unfortunately just not to Black Lives Matter.

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Anonymous: This is an interesting way of

This is an interesting way of looking at it...

passionfruit: If Black Lives Matter don't

If Black Lives Matter don't care about Blacks, then you certainly wouldn't.

Quinton Figueroa: Posting this article shows my
@passionfruit (view comment)

Posting this article shows my concern. I'm showing where attention should be directed.

ilson's finest: Absolutely, more voices like

Absolutely, more voices like this need to be heard above the militant shouty blurred facts of BLM and their dreary lefty liberal mainstream media tosh slavishly spouting anything they care to produce. An equivalent organisation like BLM or any 'protest' group wouldn't even exist in most African countries with being 'removed'. In England, a lot of black people I know bang on about Jamiaca and how wonderful it is - eye wateringly high levels of violent crime (black on black), one of the highest levels of police murder of its own citizens anywhere in the world and nearly half the population living in abject poverty. Celebrate those cultural roots!

Anonymous: Interesting way to factor in

Interesting way to factor in the Democratic party when they weren't mentioned anywhere else in the article.

Lydia: slavery

One hears about so many young black men in jails, many for very minor offenses..... and then one hears that in Jail they often work at pittance wages producing products for various companies....a form of slavery.
These men are later not able to vote, and are doubly disenfranchised. I wonder who profits from this 21st century slave labor? I suppose that those that profit from it would have a vested interest in bribing or influencing police and courts, to round up the maximum number of blacks, whether they have committed an offence or not, in order to put them into jails where they basically become slaves for a few years.
Forced labor is the reason why Eritreans are internationally recognized as refugees... but no other country would recognize black Americans as refugees.... what is the difference here?? Am I missing something??

JetsetterJason: Embarrassingly poor logic.

The data used in this article is of no consequence to your argument,. The gist of what you're arguing is, more Black people killed Black people than police have killed Black people, an issue which BLM has not addressed, so, Black lives dont matter to BLM.

This is the most basic, expected, low hanging fruit to try to pick for a foundation of an assertion/argument. And it's wrong. At the core of your argument, is the expectation of Black people to end crime, before they can object to state violence.

As stated, BLM calls attention to state violence. That's their focus. This doesn't mean the organization isn't at all concerned with crime, or the Black deaths caused by Black criminals, but this specific organization's focus is on state violence. But for you, since the number of Black/Black fatal criminal instances, is larger than Police/Black fatal instances, you feel their focus should be on that instead/in addition.

Who are you to tell an organization what their focus should be when they've already established what their focus is? Secondly, you're comparing apples to oranges, so let me help you differentiate between crime, and state violence. Also let me point out since you like data, that overwhelmingly, all crime is committed against people of the same race usually due to location and proximity. There is no such thing as Black on Black crime as some phenomenon. You extrapolated 78% of Black deaths caused by other Blacks - well, using FBI data, 82% of White deaths were caused by other Whites. White on White crime,...again, it's not a thing, so stop trying to make it a thing. Because it is beside the point.

Concern about crime, and concern about state violence, are not mutually exclusive nor dependent upon one another. One does not need to solve crime, meaning, end Black on Black murder, in order to protest police brutality. It doesn't even have to be the case that the number of criminal instances be lower than the number of state violence instances, in order to protest police brutality. Again, neither are in any way dependent upon the other to justify calling attention to. I will say, that state violence perpetuates crime but that's a separate longer discussion that I don't have the time to argue right now.

Although you feel the crime is a bigger more urgent issue to attend to than state violence, BLM has the right to decide what issue to address. As promised, here's the difference between the crime you mention and state violence carried out by police.

Criminals (those committing these murders) are expected to commit crime. That's what criminals do.
Criminals have made no commitment to protect anyone nor are they paid a Government salary to do what they do.
Criminals by and large, are arrested, prosecuted, jailed, and or killed for their offences.

On the other hand

Police are expected to serve and protect. Police are not expected to murder unarmed civilians.
Police are sworn to serve and protect, they are even paid a Government salary, funded by tax dollars, to do so.
Police, by and large, are not even indicted for their offences, they carry on with impunity for their actions.

See the difference?

Lastly, no race has ended crime within or by it's race. White people still commit crime, White/White crime at nearly the same rate of Black/Black yet the rate of police brutality against them is dramatically lower. Stop using the same tired arguments to try to dismiss what is a valid concern of BLM.

Here's the link to the FBI source where the 82% was calculated for White on White crime.

Quinton Figueroa: Logic 101:
@JetsetterJason (view comment)

Logic 101:

If a certain race commits more crime is that race going to end up in altercations with the police more or less than other races?

Daquan L. Lyon: Calling BS

The article claims that "despite Black Lives Matter saying absolutely nothing about them" in relation to Chicago black on black crime. That is a complete fabrication, offensive, and ignores easily available evidence. There was huge protest just this summer protesting gun violence in Chicago, and there have been many, many other protests. But you didn't even look for them, even though they have been going on for decades because they don't fit your racist narrative. Likewise, you point to black on black crime, but fail to mention virtually all murders across this country are committed by members of the same race as far as the shooter and the victim. Last I checked, black on black murders were 88%, while white on white murders were 82% - so it is hardly abnormal. You also make no mention of the US Department of Justice investigation, released in 2017, which found that the Chicago Police Department repeatedly used excessive force and often treated people, particularly minorities, “as animals or subhuman.” If you want to call yourself a journalist, try researching both sides of a story, not cherry-picking only the data that support your OPINION. Black on black crime is tragic, but you miss the point - like all murders, it is bad. However, when the state is guilty of institutional racism - also found in the DOJ report on Ferguson, for example, that is a completely legitimate concern. This comment is simply in addition to all the great points raised above by JetsetterJason, who completely dismantles your "reporting."

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