Go here and see if you can spot it: http://www.outdooradventuresmagazine.com/article.php?id=81
Did you find it? It's lack of direction. This site has quality that no other site on the Internet has (I checked by searching "Foremost, you have to decide what you will primarily use the optics for" on Google), however, it is still doing nothing to clarify what is going on to the search engines.

Keyword Research Is Key

This page needs to have a main keyword phrase that gets actual searches. "A Lesson In Optics" is decent, but I think this could be better. A trip to: http://www.keyworddiscovery.com/search.html will give us some suggestions when we type in optics.

Based off these results we will find that words such as optics, hunting, scopes and vision are all somewhat popular. By simply making the change to use this as the main focus and direction of the page the site will increase its traffic a lot more. Using these keywords I would go with a title such as "A Tutorial Guide to Hunting Optics and Night Vision Scopes". This way you are telling the search engines what this page should be about and then they will cruise through and pick up all this great original content and love it.

Once you know what the page is about there are a few minor changes to tweak on the page to really drive home what it is about:

  1. The title tag and heading tag (preferably

    ) should now read A Tutorial Guide to Hunting Optics and Night Vision Scopes. This will help A LOT.
  2. Some of the sub section headings such as "Resolution" and "Prisms" could mention the word Optics or Scope or something like that to add more meaning to the general word by itself. "Resolution" could mean a lot of things, but "Hunting Optics Scope Resolution" is much more specific and useful.


I could pretty much guarantee making these minor, thoughtful changes would increase traffic 3 - 10 times on this page. More SEOs need to focus on this type of thing and stop focusing on minor things like Alt attributes, keyword density, URLs, META tags and all that kind of stuff.

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Dynamics NAV: Keyword-research is a King!

I lost more than a year on developing software which have no "search demand" and of cause the project fault.

And now when I here about some new online possibility - I ask myself to check "search demand" and "competition level" before any decision.

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