Your decisions in life are only as good as your information. So why then do we always turn to uneducated people for important decisions?

When it comes to saving for retirement most people seek out a financial advisor. But what they fail to realize is that a financial advisor is simply a low paid employee with a low level of financial education. Anybody who is paid hourly or a low salary is generally not somebody fit to provide information on important decisions like investments. I realize this more and more everyday.

The same thing happens in the media. We have these ill-informed "reporters" who have hardly thought an original thought in their life simply regurgitating what their superior has told them to regurgitate. These people don't actually go out and research the stuff themselves. They tell you what they're suppose to tell you. They're actors. Everyone is an actor in this day and age.

So when it comes to making good decisions why does everyone turn to the worst people for advice? Good information is hard to come by and bad information is easy to come by. If you're making your financial decisions based off what your financial broker tells you then you may want to reconsider. There's a reason they're called brokers. And if you're getting your historical and political information from the media you may also want to reconsider. There's a reason they choose young blondes for reading the news.

In this day and age far too many people choose to trust the $10/hour employees for their information rather than the truly educated and enlightened. These days it is much more about the packaging than the information.

Why on earth would you care what a financial advisor has to say on investments when they themselves are broke? Do you really think somebody that makes less than $50k/yr is fit to tell you how to invest your money? Do you really think rich people get their information from financial advisors? Just as you can't solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it you also can't make good investments while investing at the same level as the average person. You need to invest at a higher level. Why listen to a financial advisor when you can listen to a rich person? Don't you think a rich advisor would give you far superior information?

Why on earth would you listen to a young news reporter with a Lib Arts degree when it comes to accurate news information? Do you really think that flashy news actor is going to give you accurate information? Do you really think that somebody who only reads what they are told to read can actually provide unbiased, objective research? Do you really think somebody completely under the fold really knows what is really going on? Do you really think that somebody who's own life is perverted by perverted information is really fit to straighten your life out with accurate information? It's not possible.

I am so amazed how many people choose to hang on to what morons say. You're supposed to listen to wise people and follow their advice, not fools. But fools will be fools, and children will be children.

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Good post as usual. When it comes to following advice I prefer to find my own answers through research, but research from reputable sources of information. Of course there are instances where I do seek out advice, but only from an expert in the field, but even then I always follow up with my own research to see if the supposed expert was right.

In regard to journalists you couldn't have landed a better point. First of all, a college degree in journalism is among the easiest degrees available, along with elementary education. Thus, it is safe to assume that many people go into the field of journalism because it requires less critical thinking and work in general. Then there are probably many who have a passion to be a successful journalist. I'm not knocking the profession, but most of the ones we see and read from are not impressive to say the least. Why anyone would think that their opinion is so valuable is beyond me.

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