I have noticed in the last few years pretty much everyone that is serious about the web is switching to some type of blog or CMS (content management system) format with their website - and for good reason! There are many benefits that are provided by the various open-source applications out there such as:

1. Management

Managing a site is soooooo much better with a CMS. For the most part, all the popular blogs usually have a good solid team of smart individuals making the core aspects of the code rock solid and super easy to use. If a web developer were to try to create this own type of thing on their own it would take years - and it makes no freaking sense. There is definitely no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to web sites. With the management features on most CMS platforms allow for users to add and update content on the fly from any computer, anywhere. This is so much better than having to go contact your webmaster, have him get pissed at you, have him finally decide to upload the files a week later and then realize that you need it changed again. With a CMS there is no reason to have any of this type of crap going on. You just write your stuff, post it and you're done. You can always come back later and change it if you would like.

With a good CMS you also have the ability to categorize your content. This is just another great feature that allows for yourself and visitors to know what type of content the web site consists of.

2. Community

With all the new Web 2.0 community driven things it only makes sense to have some type of user involvement with your website. There are many great things users can provide to a site such as content, feedback, support and a lot more. With a CMS it is very easy to allow users to create accounts and get involved on your site. They can posts comments to certain posts and just give their feedback. This allows for visitors of your site to also get a perspective from somebody besides just you. It's brilliant!

3. SEO

A Blog or CMS is so absolutely fantastic for SEO. The way they work is pretty much set up to please the search engines by default. First of all, most people with blogs are always posting new content which is like the #1 thing for SEO. These posts are always set up to be on their own page so in most cases each page is about 1 specific theme and has a clear title tag and header for that - perfect again! Most platforms also allow users to rewrite their URLs with something that is much cleaner and meaningful for search engines. So instead of mysite.com/page.php?id=2352523&task=hi
you could simply have www.myonebaby.com/articles/baby-safety-and-health (Yes, I just snuck a freeby in on one of my sites). Wow, better for users and search engines. Gotta love it!

4. Add ons

Since with most blogs and content management systems there are thousands of users using the same system it makes it super modular where users can create tons of unique and custom add ons that fulfill certain tasks. Maybe there is some new Internet widget going around that everybody has to have. Within a few days there will be a module for it and all you gotta do is download and enable it. Talk about hyper-siting.

5. Usability

The usability on a Blog/CMS is fantastic. Gone are the days of visitors having to wait for an damn intro to load and then try to figure out if that little red dot is a link or not. Blogs usually cut right to the chase and make heavy use of web standards which allow a very wide audience to browse and make sense of your site. It's a web site not a freaking Rubik's Cube.

6. Subscriptions

Subscriptions are becoming more and more popular. With all the new reader and tagging systems it only makes sense to allow your web visitors to track your website via RSS. And since blogs are dynamic, it is super easy to create a feed of all your site's content instantly! :)

7. Fast

Setting up a blog is fast. You can literally do it in less than an hour. If you're super hardcore you can do it in like 5 minutes. All you do is download it, upload it, and fill it. It's awesome!


Well I like spam but since most people do not that's where blogs come in. Most blogs are built very solid and have a number of filters that keep most of the recent spam techniques out. This is the kind of stuff that most people would never work on and not want to work on building if you were building a site from scratch. But with a CMS it's already done, and to a very thorough extent :). A CMS is about as SECURE you're gonna get without having to put up a lot of money.

9. Updates

One of the coolest things about a blog is that your site is getting new features and updates continually. Every day you have a programmer working for you for free. HELL. YES.

10. More productive

Finally, with a CMS/Blog you are just more productive. You want to build your site out because it is fast, easy and rewarding. You can work on your site no matter where you are as long as you have the big I.


So what aren't you not waiting for? Get a Blog or CMS going and help me build the web!

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: Fantastic!

Great article! I find that a lot of people that want to make money with the internet focus too much on design and coding and are defeated before they even begin. With popular templates like wordpress or CMS's like Joomla or Drupal, it really does make it easy for the programming novice to jump into the web.


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