13 Easy Tips On How To Become A Sheeple

by Quinton Figueroa on September 23rd, 2008

Although extremely rare these days, there are still entreprenuers and free-thinkers in America - what is wrong with us! Don't you know the way to get along is to sell yourself out?

Here are some easy tips to devolve into a lower consciousness

  1. Live in fear
  2. Don't research things
  3. Trust authority
  4. Go to college
  5. Become an employee
  6. Be entertained
  7. Never stand alone
  8. Go along to get along
  9. Take the easy path
  10. Avoid conflict
  11. Do what's popular
  12. Don't be unique
  13. Cover your real spiritual connection with religion

How'd you do?

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Anonymous: yup, people need to first

yup, people need to first realize how ignorant we are, then take measures to fix that, learn to think criticaly and research.
Use the internet while it lasts.

And then perhaps you are man enough to do something about it.

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