Like take this picture for instance. One person may see two faces while another may see a vase. Both people are 100% honest and truthful and they are also both right, at least according to their perspective. This strange reality introduces a number of questions that I find interesting. Is everything we interpret in this life built off our perspective? Why do most people think their perspective is better than somebody else's perspective? How do we even define what a perspective is?

Looking into it further you will find that perspective can usually be defined as the way yourself or another person views something. But does this stop with just people? I mean Einstein really opened up the concept of perspective with his General Theory of Relativity. Through his calculations he was able to show that to the normal human something like light is seen as something that is moving and of time. But from light's perspective it is everywhere instantly and not involved in time. This type of understanding really makes you wonder about at lot of things, at least it does for me.

I mean, what really is a perspective? If to light's perspective it is outside of time, what would it be to God's perspective? Or would a God even have a perspective? Is a perspective something of intelligence or is it something of matter? Do you have to be conscious to have a perspective? Is light conscious?

It's weird, a perspective seems like such a worldly and lifelike thing. It seems like outside of life perspective would be irrelevant as it can only help with things of opinion and non-truth right? If 2 people can view something as different and both be right, well then there really isn't a correct answer to that. Or is there? I really don't think there is a correct answer, at least not for that question.

Now that I think about it more, I think perspective is something that is created in less intelligent beings. The question of what the above image is portraying is more or less an "earthly" type question that has no actual merit or value in "truth". Because of this, perhaps perspective is just something created by us here in this life to grow and learn from the things around us, while in perfection perspective can not be created as it is not possible for incorrectness. It is almost like as more complexity is introduced to consciousness, so too comes perspective. The closer you get to simplicity the less room there is for perspective.

I'm just rambling on... Anyhow, lemme know if you have any thoughts on this as I would be happy to hear your perspective on perspectives :).

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Anonymous: Perspective?...or Depth?

You bring up a very debateable point slayerment. Looking at the optical illusion as shown above does bring up such points as you have mentioned. Check out this link.(I hope it works.) The explanation under the illusion clarified my main confusion. If we look at the illusion above, most people may see the black. The website states such:"The eyes are not used to looking for a "reverse" image. Therefore it is usually easier to see only the black chalice. By changing your focus, you should also be able to see the white silhouette of two people facing each other in this double optical illusion."
Could it be that people who think deeper into situations and express themselves with stong music lyrics and poetry, possibly just art in itself, view the white image of the faces? Our brain and mind are designed that we most likely see the black image before the white, especially when the black is surrounded by the white as above. The black stands out more. On a white piece of paper, any paper, if someone were to scribble even a small black line on any given section of that white paper, our eyes would move towards that dot. Something is different. It isn't just a white piece of paper anymore, and our specially designed bodies have this...advantage, I guess one could say.
Many people in this world, if not all, are just downright stubborn and selfish. We all have a nature to do things, even if they are bad, in order to build our own self esteem. Self esteem isn't bad in itself, just like apples or pineapples aren't bad in themselves. Self esteem SHOULD be built up, because we all deserve to have a happy life, in one way or another. We are horrid people, but being saved by Christ's death and God's mercy, we are allowed a happy life, abiding by God's rules. But just as self esteem is not bad in itself, pushing it too high leads only to pride and downfall. Too many apples can lead to a stomachache; too many pineapples lead to a numb mouth and most likely acid reflux. Neither are healthy for your body, just as too much self esteem isn't healthy.
"If to light's perspective it is outside of time, what would it be to God's perspective?" I, being a Christian, believe that God sees every righteous perspective. He is infinite, and we are finite. He has never begun and will never end. He has always been. It is one of the hardest concepts to comprehend, and God doesn't want us to anger ourselves trying to understand such things. He knows all things and created all things, therefore He knows every righteous perspective ever thought of. Think of punishments, consequences for wrong actions. What is the perfectly rightful punishment? Each parent's, each guardian's perspective can be different, and each can punish their child in a different way; if the child is punished in a way that he knows is "stinky", he has learned his lesson most likely. Ten, twenty children can all mouth off to their parents and receive a different punishment, and each of those twenty children can learn their lesson. It all depends on the parent's views of the situation.
All in all, I believe that perspective is just as the cliche goes, "To each his own". We all have our own opportunity to view something and consider its meaning. The more complex the item, the more perspective comes into play. Even items that seem simple have many perspectives, because many things really are not that simple. Maybe it has to do with our imagination levels. Children have a stronger, broader imagination than adults most of the time, so their perspective may be deeper, even if it has no basis or understanding beyond the fact.

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Anonymous: What you have here is neither

What you have here is neither a vase or a couple of faces but a picture, an illusion.

Anonymous: This might not have anything

This might not have anything to do with what your talking about but what about people who can look at one place or location and see it in two different ways. Nothing moves but through their eyes it does not look the same. It's kind of hard for me to explain but if you have an answer I'd really appreciate it.

Claudia: You are the first person that
@Anonymous (view comment)

You are the first person that defines 100% accurate what happens to me, i talked to many people about it and they look at me line I am a weirdo. I was always wondering if it is actually a problem in my brain or if it is something considered normal.sometimes i feel trapped in one of the perspectives and it takes a lot of concentration to jump to the other one and sometimes it is almost imposible to focus in what i call the "favorite perspective". If you have some info I would appreciate it so much. Sometimes it kinda worries me...

Molly Larson: Another interesting thing to

Another interesting thing to apply perception to is experiences. If two people go to the same class, based on their perceptions, one can be bored out of their skull while the other can be totally entranced. Or if we would apply this to a physical activity, such as running, there are certain people who get a "high" when they run, a certain ecstasy, as though they are on the top of the world. Then, you have people who when doing the same activity have a polar opposite experience, they are miserable, in pain, and on what I reversely call a runner's "low". The human brain/perception are very interesting.

Wajih Chaudhry: Perspective

Interesting article. It makes sense! It seems like there are multiple right answers, because life is a open-world game where you can write in your own answers - for better or for worse. I suppose that every society has a general "right" answer due to Clear's Law of Recurrence. However, society cannot be applied to the individual, who is constantly changing at a neuron level due to exposure to new ideas.

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