There are 2 types of socialists: the sheep and the wolves.

The sheep consist of 99% of the socialists. They actually feel that socialism is something real and viable. They actually listen to what they are told about socialism without investigating it. They actually believe that socialism works. They actually believe that socialism raises the standard of living. The believe that socialism is new. This group of people is religious about socialism.

Then there are the wolves. The wolves consist of less than 1% of socialists. These are the people who invented socialism. These are the people who have perfected socialism. These are the people who use socialism to their advantage. These are the people that know socialism is a straight fraud but use it to enslave, dumb down and deteriorate society.

If you're a socialist, chances are you're part of the first group: the sheep.

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Luke: And....

The same can be said for conservatives.

Rush & Beck are wolves. Trailer trash and the rest of the 99% of conservatives are sheep just the same.

the_pwnerer: dude, u r a fag

dude, u r a fag

Roxanne Larson: It's funny how common logic

It's funny how common logic and History show this post as "fact" and all these idiots can do is act like 12 year old"s ... If you two want to post something, why not use intellect and argue "facts"? You both sound incredibly stupid.

Andrew: In spite of not liking

In spite of not liking socialism, I don't see anything wolfish about Marx or Proudhon. People who invent and perfect socialism usually get little more than satisfying their pride and spreading ideas they are passionate about. A bit of money for selling books, too, but not much.

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