As much as I dislike Republicans and Democrats, the 3rd party people leave no realistic option for an alternative because there are too many of them. Since Democrats and Republicans are basically the same these 3rd party people need to elect an alternative that has different views that these two parties.

If they expect to ever have a realistic chance of ever taking off a Republican or Democrat for the President they need to be smart about it. Having 4 different names to choose from only makes it 4 times harder to win because they are splitting the alternative votes between 4 people.

Who cares if it's Baldwin, Barr, Nader or whoever else - as long as it's not the elite controlled Democrat or Republican nominee we will be much better. It doesn't matter if you're Green, Libertarian, Constitutional, Independent, or anything else - nobody cares as long as it's not one of the elites. Sure, they don't agree on all the same things but who cares.

I hope they realize that they may actually have a chance if they pick 1 solid candidate like Chuck Baldwin or Bob Barr. Cut all the other BS and stop having so many freaking names to dilute yourselves more and more. It doesn't matter. What matters is that there is 1 opposing view that represents all the people who don't want to vote the Illuminati into office. Heck, I'd take Nader over McCain or Obama.

But until these 3rd party people can swallow their ego and do something realistic they're never going to win and I'm never going to vote for them. If I think they have a chance I will jump on board as I'm sure many others will. But they have no chance until they decide to actually consolidate like the Republicans and Democrats do and pick 1 candidate and get serious about taking back our country.

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