Do you ever think to yourself just how accurate this quote really is:

Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.

It's crazy how it is so rare to actually find good, smart people. It really is.

The Stupid Side - Good

Everywhere you look majority of people are just easy going, good people who go along to get along. They haven't the faintest clue of what's really going on, why they are here or where they are going - and they could care less. They just want to have fun each and every day. They would love nothing more than to move mankind forward but are too stupid to actually help themselves, let alone others. Most of your friends are probably these people.

The Smart Side - Evil

Then you have the smart side which are all the elite that are conceded, don't help people and take advantage of others. They could care less about actually moving mankind forward because they are far too selfish and greedy for that. Why serve in Heaven when you could rule in Hell? By keeping people stupid it keeps them in power and practice their selfish lifestyles. So these people just go around controlling everything and manipulating things all day long. Some examples of these people would be Ben Bernanke, Henry Paulson and pretty much any banker worth over $100 million.

The Rare Gems - Smart AND Good

And then you have the extreme minority of people who are actually smart AND do good. They admire knowledge and use it to grow as an individual. They admire love and they use it to help others. They know what's going on in the world around them and they treat each day as a project to not only grow themselves, but to help others grow as well. Some examples of these types of people would be Jesus, Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

How many people do you know like this? Probably none. The fact is most people just don't have brains (or work towards it), and those that do simply become greedy and corrupt. They can't find the balance between these two polarities and until they do we will continue to go through our cycles of rise and decline as a human race.

I am of the opinion that we are at the stage in our human development where we are trying to merge these two things together and we keep failing - it's not an easy task to be done, but an essential one to move forward to the next level.

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Anonymous: define good...

define good...

Quinton Figueroa: Do everything in the open.
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Do everything in the open. Share information. Let people exercise free-will. Help move humans forward rather than keep them held back. Stuff like this.

Anonymous: there are good people that

there are good people that actually know what's going on and would be helping the humanity in great way, and have a lot of knowledge to do that, but highly intelligent evil people that are in power mostly are not letting them "pass". So the doors for them are closed.
good knowledgeable person can do great things if he manages to get most members of society and humanity on their side, but it is difficult, because those evil selfish bastards that are in power actually know how to impersonate good people, that is how hey got in power in the first place. They are good actors. If they were openly evil as they are inside they wouldn't be able to succeed at anything. So they know how good person acts and they impersonate that.
It is very hard to tell sometimes who is good and who is evil. there is a mixture of absolutely everthing, so I don't think that you are right about these 3 simple categories.
It is not like that at all.Good people act tough and "evil" to succeed and evil people act like angels, so dig deep beyond the surface of things. It is much more complicated then that.

Quinton Figueroa: I totally agree with
@Anonymous (view comment)

I totally agree with everything you said. Great points :)

Con: So true. Completely agree,
@Anonymous (view comment)

So true. Completely agree, love your observations & logic. :)

Anonymous: Last class

you forgot the last class bcoz they went extinct a long time back:

stupid and evil. they don't survive long.. being the dumb criminials et all.

see, being good is ALSO a survial tool.. that's why 85% of the population is good and dumb. if they turned bad, they would not exist.

Anon: This article is filled with prejudice and bigotry

This article is filled to the brim with unjustified prejudice. Intelligence and evil are simply independent factors. It's quite obvious that the author is biased against intelligent people and has a hateful need to spread discriminatory against them.

Intelligence is simply the ability to reason and solve more complicated situations. If we have two identical clones of a person, and we then make one of the clones smarter, then the smarter one will be better off in life and not any more evil than the dumber clone. The ability is always, taken in isolation from any other personal traits, a positive thing.

biased article: This article is full of

This article is full of confirmation Bias and is fully opinion centered.The line '' Most of your friends are probably these people. '' is kinda wrong, that's like me saying that your mom is probably a dolphin, that makes no sense and has no place in such an article, for the rest, saying that being smart and good at heart doesn't exist is simply bullshit, because I know some people who are like this, I dont even know yet if this article is satire or not since I saw jesus in your exemples. either way, this is a good article to spread your way of seeing the world, I respect people who do so.

Arzoo: Not Completly true

less intelligent people or people who pretend to act smart are wicked people and selfish ,they love to exploit and hurt other ...that is they have less intelligent to hurt people not like more intelligent people to Understand that there are things beyond me
Intelligent people are more caring loving and they would never like to hurt anyone cause they can understand lot of aspect of things (Understanding things from different dimensions require intelligence) ...A intelligent people would think ....I may get profit by helping him ....but then he thinks more then this ....he may have his family or life ...why should I destroy it .
Wicked person has limitation of understanding its all about him (Its his life only they give damn about other cause limited brain they have).
Most of the great minds were great people like Buddha ,Jesus Swami Vivekananda,Aristotle and many other like this ........
wicked (less intelligent)man would be very cunning a Intelligent man would be very sensible and emotional for other not just for himself he would be very caring .

Anonymous: I believe knowledge and

I believe knowledge and maturity can change a person from stupid to smart. However, the issue with that is once dumb people become smart they tend to see past illusions, such as religion and social etiquette, and realize that those are tools to control the masses. The ultimate truth is that we feel what we feel and not what others feel. We may empathize with others but it is only because we have the potential to have those feelings ourselves. The truth is that nothing and no one matters to us unless it affects us. Therefore, being what society labels evil is in reality accepting truth and being smart enough to see through society's carefully constructed illusions. So being evil and smart is synonymous just as being dumb and good is.

sean: Anyone who thinks that
@Anonymous (view comment)

Anyone who thinks that religion is a tool to control the masses has no understanding of History. The governments of the world have always been at odds with Christianity, many other religions of also but it up against the state. This notion is muttered by ignorant marxists who never question the crap that came down to them Noritz failures throughout history. The new atheists a bunch of fools, and no one came to that crap they simply read it in a book by Richard Dawkins or Sam Harris and one of the other morons that's about that sort of nonsense.

Liam Randall: Still relevant, maybe moreso today

Posted 11 years ago, but thus sums up how and why humans "land" where they do. And then, rarely, they wake up from the dream (the matrix) and actually ASK, how the f did I get here!? By then it's too late but not too late to get hammered and forget that they had a life changing moment just now.

I want to suggest a different angle though my friend... You say most are smart therefore they are evil because himans cannot reconcile "the polarity" as you have put it...... What if people are evil because they are stupid and are unfit humans, and therefore, they must become experts in getting others to do their work for them? They are uncreative, they are linear thinkng minds, they hate the people's creative capacity because they are incapable of it themselves, they hate the individual's talent for invention and their endowment with original, free thoughts, and they hate that a person can choose not to succumb to temptation... They are the stupid unfit ones, therefore they are evil, but the illusion is they are smart (ie. Fit, or even.. good, if you accept the premise)

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