The Internet is one of mankind's most advanced form of business currently available. It is the most scientific and demands the most savvy of businessman. I say this because in order to operate successfully on the Internet you must be more in-line with truth and the universe than pretty much any other business, relatively speaking.

With the Internet you can't cheat people like you can in other businesses, it just won't allow for it. People have too many options and can get from one place to another too quick to allow you to trap people. You have to entice people with value rather than with fluff.

With the Internet you're not just competing against other people - you're competing against massive computer programs that are able to do millions of calculations a second. The Internet takes out the middle man and replaces them with algorithms. If you want to survive on the Internet you have got to learn how to leverage automation and keep yourself above the processor.

The Internet is the ultimate flattener in that a good idea can spread in days - it no longer takes years to rise to fame. People can reach their height in a number of days and word of mouth is spread like wildfire.

Out with the old and in with the new. The Internet, you gotta love it!

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