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Why do we have a Federally enforced FIAT currency in "free" America? And why do we have people who try to use currencies outside of Federal Reserve Notes stopped by the government? Wait a second, we're free, we can barter and bank however we want. Why does the treasury only use money that is paper? Why don't they promote real things for its citizens to use? Why can't the government pay employees their tax returns with gold or silver if they ask? Why do they legally enforce paper money?

Welfare Payments

Free people aren't forced to pay for other people - they choose to. And free people help through education, not through handouts. You don't help anyone by giving them a fish, you help them by teaching them to fish. So much for that. Enjoy your payments to reward and promote failure.


You can't be in debt and be free - you're in complete servitude to your lender. So how can a nation over $10 trillion in debt be free? Are you freaking kidding me? I guess the Queen knows what's best for us...

Markets Controlled

How can you be free if bad businesses aren't allowed to fail? A free country doesn't keep businesses from failing through the government. Free governments don't nationalize companies to keep them afloat. They let the mismanaged/unprofitable company fail and let the successful companies rise to fill their place.

Uneducated Citizens

How can you call yourself free if you're uneducated? Slaves are uneducated, not free citizens. If you don't even have the education and discipline to take care of your daily needs, you're not free, you're a serf.

License For Most Things

Free people don't need a license for things. Does a sovereign king need a license to go about his business? Why then do we as sovereign citizens need a license to do things? Why do we need a license to get married? Why do I need a social security number? How do I opt out?

Can only possess certain firearms

Free people can own whatever gun they want to own. Why do we have laws on which guns we can and can't own, ESPECIALLY when the Constitution makes no differentiations between "assault rifles" or any of that language? Why can't we own certain firearms?


Why do we have kings if we are free? Free people don't have a king who can freely make laws without congressional approval (executive orders). I know a few fascist countries that have had kings, but not free ones.


Stop calling America free. It's anything but free - it's Roman and Egyptian. We have Caesars, Pharaohs and of course, slaves.

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