Here's a quick American history lesson. America was breaking away from England during the American Revolution. England was the problem. Americans were escaping the Crown. Now, 200 years later, Americans have completely forgotten who the real problem really is. England didn't go away after the American Revolution. I repeat, England didn't go away after we won the war. They were back immediately with the War of 1812. America was not something they wanted to let go and it's not something they did let go. So American History 101 is to never forget the real terrorists. It's not Al Qaeda, it's not China, it's not Russia, it's not France, it's not Mexico, it's British Monarchy. The Queen. There's the real story.

Furthermore, people need to understand that America was founded as being a rebel group. It was a group of people that stood up against royalty and kings. It was a group of hard-working people that would do whatever it took for freedom. They hated being told what to do. They were the outcasts of the world. Each American was their own sovereign king. American's are inherently against tyranny. Period.

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I am not a fan of England. I am surprised though at how many people think so highly of it. They think it would be great to live there. Yeah, go right ahead. I've been to that hell hole and sure as heck wouldn't want to live there. It is a socialist country, which means it is on the path to communism or totalitarianism. For those interested in that type of government, go have at it. Not that ours isn't on the same path, but at least we are a longer ways from it.

Recently I read where the head of the smart power grid in England warned that citizens are soon going to experience temporary power outages due to the green technology they are employing. Outages will be unavoidable since they won't have a reliable energy source as in the past. Additionally, when there are power shortages they will have to turn power off on residents in some areas to provide power for industry to keep operating. Welcome to 1984. Enjoy mates. Wouldn't want to live there for anything. The green movement is looking to be a communist movement more and more each day, as I have always believed.

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