It's funny, you look through the history books and read about Hitler rising to power. You read about people not even seeing it coming. Nobody really understands how it happened and then all of a sudden BAM!! - Hitler is your new master. You see all the evil things that he has done and you wonder, how on earth did people ever let this happen? Why was he able to kill people on a mass scale and get away with it? And why did the military go along with it?

Well, I guess the saying history repeats itself is true. We are well on our way to repeating the same old trick and everyone is loving it. I'm telling you, the spirits we are getting on this earth are low quality. We keep making the same mistakes over and over again. By the time we've worked our way through the mistake and learned from it it's time for the next generation of sheep to come in as the true warriors have all died off.

The government "bailout" is just the beginning. Economic collapse is on the way and most people still don't see it coming. The police state is on its way and centralization of power is underway. The whole system works off fear and suppressed knowledge and everyone is living in it. You've all been beaten down to slaves and have been trained not to question authority. People choose time and time again for the authority to dictate their life. Responsibility and creativity is much too hard for a sheep. Just because we have the ability to be anything we want to be doesn't mean we should, let's settle for regression instead.

I guess people chose to be entertained while Hitler took over too. I wonder if basketball was on while thousands were being killed. Oh well, just another day in paradise.

The human race hasn't been hijacked. We're not sheeple. We're at the highest level of civilization ever achieved in the entire universe! Can't you tell? We're all such high quality people while we are allowed to drive rich bankers' cars, consume more than we produce, live entirely on credit, work our 9-5's in frustration, and convert all our physical energy and labor straight to our banking masters.

Keep believing it people, they want you to, and have trained you to.

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