Everybody is an ideas person! I have yet to meet someone who doesn't have ideas about everything. Well guess what? Until you can think things into existence (convert energy into matter) it is much more beneficial and realistic in our current civilization to be a person of work and results.

Getting things done is a much more practical skill to have in this day and age, but why is it that so many people just talk about ideas all day long?

It seems like everyone I meet is always telling me what I am doing wrong or how I can do something better. While I take the advice to heart and consider everything people say, I question their credibility as they themselves never ACT on their ideas. What good is an idea if it's not somehow attached to something that another person can interpret and benefit from?

The shortage of work, not ideas

There is definitely a much larger shortage of people actually making ideas into tangible realities than people coming up with new ideas. It is unfortunately very easy to see why this is as acting on ideas usually involves WORK which people so sadly avoid. It is much easier to have an idea than it is to actually act on it. Making an idea a reality takes so many more strengths than just coming up with an idea.

I mean seriously, how many so called "good ideas" have you had in your life? How many times have these "good ideas" actually turned into anything worthwhile? Probably not many if any. It is usually not the idea itself, but rather the process which creates actual value.

The Investment Test

Go to any solid investor(s) and tell them that you have a multi-million dollar idea and that you need $200,000 to get your idea completed. Most of them will laugh you away. Investors aren't looking for ideas, they are looking for return on their investment. Ideas rarely translate into ROI. ROI comes from getting things done and taking steps forward. An investor would much rather you come to them showing a working model already in place and how you only need capital to SCALE it rather than DEVELOP it. There is much more risk in converting ideas into realities than scaling realities.


Ideas have very little value until made a reality. What good would Beethoven's music be if he never wrote it down and played it? What good would DaVinci's paintings be if he never actually painted them. Stop aiming and start firing! Let me say it loud and clear one more time: turn those ideas into reality!

So next time you hear somebody say "I'm an ideas person" (a) ask them how to convert energy into matter or (b) tell them "Good riddance!"

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