The title says it all: Atheists are always saying that Christians are close-minded and only get their info from 1 book, which I would have to agree with, but Atheists follow this same close-mindedness, just 1 step up.

Atheists only believe Authoritarian Science and their 5 sense "solid" reality. What about everything beyond that? What happens when new science proves that the foundation their masters gave them wasn't quite right? What happens when we discover that the world isn't flat and that it's time to throw out that old paradigm? It's the same trap people who don't go outside the Bible fall into, just a hair larger. A bit silly I think.

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David: Last I checked, it was the

Last I checked, it was the church that believed the earth to be flat due to passages of the bible mentioning "corners of the earth".
Lets not forget what they did to Galileo.
You, sir, are a stupid christian xD

Mark: Science

Slayerment, the big difference is that the scientific method is ...just that.. As we learn more about reality and are proven wrong beyond a REASONABLE doubt, we redefine our position to reflect our BEST and MOST ACCURATE evidence. Scientific theories are falsifiable and are able to make SPECIFIC predictions and explanations about reality before they are accepted by scientists. All that is supernatural is outside reality. The only way you can call (most of) us closed-minded is because we only consider reality to be real, as is made evident by testable, falsifiable claims. We don't retain static opinion about reality based on a iron-age text, and refuse to consider new evidence and call it faith. The conclusions of EVERY source have to be testable and falsifiable, or they are not worthy of consideration.

Kilough: @David, last time I checked,

@David, last time I checked, Galileo was God's believer.

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