You have probably heard your whole life that specialization is where it's at - learning how to do one skill really good. College teaches it and employers love it. The problem, however, is that this limits you. A very smart physicist once said:

The more I know about something the more I know about everything

And he's totally right. Things in this world are all built from a universal platform, or truth. At the core they all have their similarities and as they start to branch out they become more unique, but they still have their similarities to other things in certain areas. The more connections you can make the more similarities you are building off. Every field overlaps into another field which in turn overlaps into yet another and on and on. After you understand this is our reality, why would you want to limit your connections by only knowing one field?

Am I saying that you should be mediocre at a lot of things rather than the best at one thing? No. I'm saying you should be the best at a lot of things. Start with becoming really good at something you love. Then become really good at another thing you love. Keep following those things you want to spend your time doing and master them. Most people stop after they master one thing, but why? There's no rule that says you have to, and depending on how you view life (reincarnation, etc) you are probably going to have to learn it at one point or another in your spiritual journey anyway, so why not now?

Internet Example

Let's take the Internet field for instance. I would call myself a jack of all trades when it comes to the net and because of it I am pretty powerful. I don't want to sound arrogant, however, I know how to design, program, market and also build businesses. So when I start a new site I approach it from the perspective as somebody who already knows how to bring all the different layers together in harmony.

When I approach a new site design I keep in mind the way things will be programmed. I already know that certain things will be done with CSS while other things may be exported out of Photoshop as a bg. I know that some things will be sent over to Flash for animation while others will be handled via AJAX. I know that certain tables will be rendered via a loop while repeatable elements will be a template file. I am already prepping my programming work because I know both design and programming. Because I am a better programmer I am a better designer. And because I am a better designer I am a better programmer.

Once I start marketing the site I am able to do good SEO because I am a good programmer. I can understand the technical things like page headers, link equity, site architecture and so on. I know how to write clean code for search engines and how to avoid noisy pages. Most SEO's can't do this unless they know how to program. And most programmers can't do this unless they know SEO.

But at the same time, I am also business savvy enough to know how to focus on relevant issues and also involve other people when necessary. I know how to plan the most important parts first and scale it to the full scope as time and money increase. All of these things synergize together to create a more robust me when it comes to the web.

Once you got that down, bring it into more areas

It doesn't stop with just the Internet. All the artistic things I've learned from being a designer, like colors, composition and motion all transfer over to other artistic things like music, video production, photography and so on. I could now set moods in my photos by using certain colors or framing a shot a certain way.

Everything connects to something else in one way or another. The more things you have at your disposal the more connections you will make and the more developed you will become. The beauty of it is that it works in an exponential model to where you will really start to scale yourself once you get the connections going.

In the words of Warren Buffett:

I'm a good businessman because I'm a good investor. I'm a good investor because I'm a good businessman.

He gets it.

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if i focus more on one subject, i can't focus on others. So,
if i don't focus on anything i'll focus on everything.
That's thought of st. John of the Cross

Quinton Figueroa: That's an interesting way to
@Anonymous (view comment)

That's an interesting way to look at it. Thanks for sharing :)

aHi: Being the emerging higher consciousness

Hello Slayerment
I really like the way you think because for starts, you present as a seeker, observer and questioner with a real heart felt desire to serve life with purpose. With that said I would like to share with you somethings that I've observed and experienced. Your worldview, perspective, seems to reflect one that is not loaded down with old think. Telling me that you are leading the way into the new emerging paradigm. Your vision is clear and there is an expectation of life to just be that way. This warms my heart for I am much the same way but from a different background and generation. This is also why I think I am recognizing the confusion or striving for understanding that takes place when one doesn't understand things that are happening of a lower vibration or from a era coming to a close. The good news is; we are in the process of shifting from one paradigm to another and you are a forerunner into the future that I and many others have been laying the groundwork for all of my life. Talk about over lays and connections, this is it. We are speaking about living systems within living systems. The Internet, shrinking chips and expanding communications opens the door for a consciousness shift for humanity and it's the best thing that has ever happened in my life. Here are some people that I found while searching the net that you may find value in. Maybe you already know them but I'm sharin' just in case. I'd love to hear your perspective.


The Internet as Catalyst for a Paradigm Shift by Michael Strangelove

and here is a link to a site that teaches how to do business with a higher consciousness that perfectly matches what it takes to do business on the net. This site is so necessary for a whole generation that is making the transition for the old think to the new, which is where you are already.

Let me close by sharin' a couple of quotes that I like.

Oppression can only survive through silence. Carmen de Monteflores

In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends. MLK

Peter Pediquin: Groovy bro

I dig the way you think bro. It's like when ur like totally riding a big one, and ya just biff it bro. All the way.


Peter pediquin

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