Why be envious of other people, when you could be envious of your own problems? Yes, you heard me: you should be happy with the problems you have in that you have been given something to overcome. I think most people take an extremely biased view towards things in this world and as a result it shows in their spiritual and emotional development.

These things stem as being problems and not challenges from a lack of understanding, in my humble opinion. The more you understand about your reason for being, your spirit and your true self the more you can see the big picture. By seeing a broader view of life you are able to step outside of this life box and see how the pieces of this life as well as others fit into place. You can see how all the problems of today are nothing but a fraction of your road to development towards perfection.

People are so egotistical and conceded with the world that they get sidetracked from the universe. In our ignorance we think that losing a leg in a car accident is an atrocity and we will never be the same. We think becoming deaf will make our whole life miserable and unbearable. I really think the one-sided ego perspective needs to be understood and then controlled. All things happens for a reason and those reasons stem from and for perfection.

So next time your body malfunctions and totally ruins your human day be thankful for your spiritual steps closer to God.

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