I think one of the most important changes anyone can make in their life is to genuinely become happier with less material goods, less comfort and less things going your way. People should develop a yearning for pain and for hardships. They should seek to always be stretching themselves and relying on less and less. Their character should be their main bank where they accumulate their love and wisdom.

I find it weird how people are always trying to take the easy road or do the quick fix. Or how people are always trying to avoid pain, as if it is a bad thing. They are never actually thinking why things are happening as they are and where they will be as a result of the event. They don't see a problem as a time for growth or a hardship as a level up. They think that only short term, physical and material gains are all that are worth seeking. But they don't even think, they just run off impulse.

It appears that most people are stuck in material, consumption mode where they are always trying to acquire more and possess more. They are never happy with what they have and when they get more they're still not happy with that. They are stuck in a perverted loop where main aspects of their character are not being fed and as a result are replacing them with consumption.

Now sure, some people may give gifts and things to others who are less fortunate and then go back to their everyday life of luxury and excess. And while helping others is no doubt a great thing, I think hiding behind it and never actually changing yourself is still missing the point.

These are the same people who will donate something to charity and look for a reward as a result of doing this. Somebody with a stronger character would not seek a reward or attention.

People should structure their lives around actually yearning to be content with less. To actually be content with the optimal choices that fit the need perfectly. To not need to have a fancy car just because they can. To not need to wear nice clothes because they have the money.

Obviously it's not a bad thing to have nice cars or nice clothes. Some people may simply like good things and enjoy them. The difference is when you hide behind them, and when you are only content by having them. If you are only happy through luxury then you will never truly be happy. The happiest people are those who find harmony with less. Those who form their lives around being at peace with everything they do have.

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