I always see people wasting time on certain tasks and projects in their life. They are always spending time getting the details just right and getting everything completed perfectly. That's fine if they get it done, but they don't - the details consume them. This is especially common with web designers (I know because I am one) although I suspect pretty much every profession suffers from this.

For one reason or another people always bite off more than they can chew and never chew it. To be honest people always bite off something, whether it be big or small, and never chew anything. The chewing is the important part here, not how much. How much is just relative to time so it doesn't really matter. Once something is completed, the next task can be be pursued.

It just doesn't make sense for me to spend tons of time on something and never complete it. This is why I say it is much better to complete something 90% and then just move on. Nothing will ever be perfect, nobody cares, so why should you?

I am basically talking about effective time management here. Why spend any time of your life on something that will never result in anything? Is it better to spend 1 minute on something you can show others or 1 year on something you can not?

Be a person of completion! Get it done!

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