I think a lot of people get turned off from the Bible because it uses all these outdated terms and just doesn't mesh with our current vocabulary a lot of the time. People forget that the Bible was written by a much more primitive man and they were explaining things based off their current level of science and understanding. Since these times I think we have progressed forward and can now understand things on a more accurate level.

I have included a quick guide of some terms that I think can be used to replace a lot of the words that are confusing in the Bible. I'm not 100% on these but am pretty confident that they are on to something. Let me know what you think!

Naked = Ignorance

Angel = Alien

Seed = Race

God = Elohim = Alien Race

God = Yahweh = Elohim Leader

Serpent = Serpentine = Reptilian = Alien Race

Heaven = 4th Dimension and above

Hell = 3rd dimension controlled by evil and lower = Earth

Tree of life = DNA

Ate from = to lie with = to have sex with

Chariot of fire = UFO

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