Most people think the name of a brand matters. They think that the key to a successful business is a good name that somehow magically does wonders. They think that if you are in the web business and don't have a .com you're dead. I'm here to tell you that's all nonsense.

A business has many different aspects contributing to the overall effectiveness of it, the name being just one of them. To better explain this let's say a business has about 100 factors contributing to its success. These could be the name, the customer service, the price, the marketing, the ease of use, etc, etc. If the name is only 1 of these 100 factors well you could still have 99 factors going for you. Most people forget that it's about so many more things than just cosmetics and names when it comes to business.

And on top of all this a mediocre name really doesn't hurt you. People always say stuff like, "if you have to spell your domain name to people over the phone it's a bad name." Why? Who cares if you have to spell it to them, at least you're on the phone with somebody actually taking them to your site rather than sitting around and not taking them to your site because you were too fearful to make a move. The name simply doesn't matter that much. It's the actual product or service that matters. The actual business itself brands the name into what it should be. Look at stuff like Flickr,,, and on and on. Those are all pretty crappy by most people's standards but who cares. They worked and now you can't forget them.

On top of all this you can always change your name later down the road if you have to. But you most likely never will because the name will grow on you as it's supposed to.

Pick a freaking name and get back to work.

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