Everyday I see people getting screwed by and pissed at other businesses and clients because they are setting up the wrong types of relationships with them. There can be many reasons on why they dig themselves into this hole but here are a few: no value, fear, low experience and greed. You need to cut the BS and set the record straight from the start.

I rarely start a business partnership or client relationship without first setting the stage that I don't need them. You need to be in a position where you are so valuable to them that they have to bend over backwards for you rather than you for them. You should try to be in a position where you could continue on no problem without working with them - it's simply supply and demand.

Make your demand so high that you will only supply if they meet your terms. You do this by being really good at what you do and needing as little external help as possible. The more you can take care of yourself the easier you can create great relationships with others. You don't need to beg, cheat, get taken advantage of or anything else that will ultimately suck if you learn how to make others want you. You simply call the shots and move on.

You want to be in a position where your clients are under you and not over you. If they are over you it will probably be best to move on without them. It's kind of like how top poker players rarely call - They're either raising or folding.

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