Here's something I thought about while waiting at a red light today. It seems in general society is geared towards the lowest common denominator. For the non-mathematical that means that society is geared to find the lowest commonality between people. If somebody in society is seen as better or higher quality in certain aspects, they are usually held back to conform with those who are not.

The idea of having to wait at a red light is saying in a sense that somebody knows what's best for you. Or at least, that your current situation doesn't need to be the most efficient that it could be. The thinking of the law of the red light is getting in the way of my own thinking. And if my thinking trumps that of the red light in accuracy and precision, that doesn't matter.

What am I talking about? Well if there are lots of cars coming both ways I can understand the purpose of a red light. But what about if it's late at night and there are no cars? What if I'm just sitting at a red light for a minute straight waiting for it to change as not a single car comes by? In this case is it really the right thing to do to just sit there? Or should I go despite breaking the law? In my opinion the law is serving no purpose in this scenario and should be re-written or ignored. But that's not the case. We live in a world where people who can make decisions without the law still have to be held up by the law.

Now I know this is a touchy subject and a lot can be said about people who think they are above the law. I don't know if it's good or bad, but I can see why some people think that way. The law sets a very low bar that holds a lot of people up. If I have great vision, great driving skills and can see a car coming from across the street I am more capable than an old lady who can barely see over the steering wheel. But with the law that doesn't matter. I have to follow her rules. She limits me. It doesn't fully make sense to me.

Business, on the other hand, rewards risk. It rewards innovation. Business hates useless things. Business hates going against nature. Business hates pointless things. So people in the business world run into this clash with society. You have businessmen who are inherently trying to get rid of dead time, waste and inefficiency halted when it comes to society. They are faced with all the problems on a daily basis.

It's just a weird reality. In business you are rewarded for being a rebel; in society, punished. Society wants you to play by the rules, it wants you to be like everyone else. People get upset when you are different, they get upset when you side with nature and not them. Business is the complete opposite. It wants you to find flaws. It wants you to change problems. It wants you break pointless rules. It wants you to take risks and try new things.

In many ways business and society are opposites. In an esoteric sense it is like the lawful, restrictive hands of Saturn (society) up against the burning passion and desire of Venus (business). You have the 2 battling it out against each other.

Just another day at a red light for me.

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