Since on eCompanion you mainly just asked for examples, and lots of them, I’ll just jump right in…
When Frodo says he will take the ring, he is located behind everyone so he appears much smaller. Everyone else appears larger because they are closer to the camera, and some are even cut off by it.
When everyone is leaving Elrond (I think that is what it is called) the people are on the right and the buildings that are on the left balance the scene out well.
Another nice close up is when Frodo loses the ring in the snow, and the camera is looking down on Frodo from the ring. It really captures how important the ring is.
There is a nice long shot when the camera zooms out when everyone is on the side of the mountain. The whole ¾ of the right screen is left open suggesting how easy it would be for them to fall off this dangerous mountain. It puts emphasis on how this is not just an ordinary journey.
Shortly after that, there is a shot of Legolas where the camera is shaking. It adds to the rough, harsh conditions that they are in while traveling through the blizzard.
I really like the shot behind Saruman when he is casting a spell or whatever it is, he does… You see behind him and are looking at what he’s controlling. It really puts him in power.
Again, the camera is still a little bit shaky while everyone is discussing which route to take. It gives you somewhat of a crowded feeling as well. It is as if they are bumping into each other.
This one might be somewhat abstract, but later on, near the pond, when the camera pans over to the group of people it rather tells you that maybe something is in the water waiting to get them. It also just shows the water quite a bit, which tells you something is bound to happen with it. In addition, while doing this, the bottom of the mountain is not directly in the center of the screen. It is about 2/3 from the top, which is a good thing.
It is not really a camera angle, but when they enter the cave, it has a great shot of the light pointing in, showing the path. They are also at screen-left and it just illustrates that they must move right to proceed.
The camera is tilted a little bit while looking up the stairs. A slanted horizontal plane creates tension, and since there are dead bodies there, I am sure that’s the mood they are going for.
Another great close up is when the camera zooms into (I am not sure his name, but he is the one that is killed at the end…) twice. This really emphasizes the second thing he says.
There is a nice subjective shot of the water creature shortly after. You see just a little bit above the water and it is somewhat shaky. It is also moving forward, as if it is getting ready to attack. In addition, it shows their feet right before cutting to this scene. This may just get you ready for something happening at ground level.
Okay, later on when they are in the tomb the camera zooms in on Gandalf a little right while he is thinking which of the three paths to take. It emphasizes that he isn’t sure where to go.
Shortly after, while they are walking through the tomb, there is a shot of Gandalf leading the others by quite a distance. Then you see the hobbits followed immediately by the others. By making everyone else right behind the hobbits, it allows the others to look taller… I think.
Further on when Gandalf is holding the book, it has what I’m hoping is a subjective camera of the hobbit looking up at him… at least for the first time it appears like it. After that it becomes objective. It shows his height and importance as he reads.
Shortly after the body falls down the tunnel, we have a POV of the hobbit looking up at Gandalf. The looking up part is emphasizing his height and importance again.
When (once again, not sure of his name – the one that is killed) sticks his head out of the area they are in, we get a quick subjective of the arrow, and then a CU of it just missing him. This is showing just how close he was to death.
During the fight, there are lots of quick cuts and shaky camera movements. This is to show the chaos and just the nature of a battle. Lots of movement, banging, hitting, and things of that nature occur during fights.
When Froto is stabbed, it goes to slow mo for a few seconds. It emphasizes how dramatic this event is.
Another nice subjective shot is when Legolas shoots the arrow at one of the bad guys shortly after while they are on the stairs.
Moreover, there you have it, many examples describing all of the close ups and far shots in LOTR.

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