I'm sure everybody has heard this question and many others like it. Like with most paradoxes, it seems as though it's not that we can't answer it that's the problem, it is the question itself.

I think that questions like this are loaded by our language and consciousness. We take our understanding of the universe, set a language of math and physics for it, and then get mad when there are contradictions or paradoxes. But are they really contradictions, or is it our limited logic that is contradicting?

Since we really don't have the slightest clue of what is really going on, questions like these are pretty much irrelevant. Sure it may be a fun expression for humans to toy around and think about, but at the end of the day the question has no bearing on what the universe will do. The universe is above a question like that and probably laughs at the low level of intellect such a question really is.

It's almost like if a dog were to ask you - actually... That's just my point. A dog can't ask you anything, at least that we know of. You can only interpret the universe to your current level of consciousness which is limited. The higher up you move, the less limited you are and the more sense things can make. Our current level allows us to question and base our believes off 3 dimensions. That in itself sounds limiting - 3 dimensions. Why 3? Why not 4? Why not 5?

If I were to ask you a 2 dimensional question that was loaded by my own set of "inaccurate, but accurate to me truths", would you even care to answer it in a 3 dimensional world? Would you rather take on my limited perspective and fumble around with a bunch of 1/2 truths that contradict because of my 2 dimensional logic, or would you rather use your higher understanding to have no questions in such areas?

This doesn't even have to be about dimensions. I'm just saying that to try to illustrate the point of our limited knowledge. We have formed what we see as being right based off what we can know. That doesn't mean we're always right and it doesn't mean our logic is right and it certainly doesn't mean higher up life forms/intelligences would have to account to such loaded questions.

What does heavy even mean? Weight? Does God care about weight? Define weight. What is weight really? If it's gravity pulling on an object well then we are talking 3 dimensions. Does God even talk in terms of matter and 3 dimensions? Is light not outside both time and space? I really think we have some cleaning up to do before we can even come close to asking halfway intelligent questions.

I mean seriously, the universe doesn't contradict, so why do our questions? Either the universe has some issues or we do, you be the judge.

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Eugene: Jesus Christ as a person can

Jesus Christ as a person can not lift up a stone more that 100 kg (220 lb). But Jesus Christ as Creator created every stone and can lift up any stone.

斯坦利stanley: Wasting time on irrelevant questions

That's a wrong question to ask to begin with because it is irrelevant and doesn't help people believe neither does it help in anything.Even if the answer is yes or no,then what? And who is expected to answer that question anyway,no one has the knowledge on why God created stones anyway,but because we use them,we find the infinite intelligience of God in that.God is everywhere and can not be affected by matter,time or space.So weather God created a heavy stone,he still can't be affected by matter.

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