These 2 clips are amazing. Are most people fooled like Steven Leeb? That guy doesn't know what the frick he is talking about and I don't think he finished one coherent sentence. This guy is a prime example of a "sensor" who lives in the moment and can't grasp the larger picture.

Steven Leeb

Let's talk about Steven.

Who caused it isn't important

What are they talking about the house is burning so who caused it doesn't matter. Okay, let's bury our heads and not figure out why this happened so once we fix it we can just let it happen again because we don't know why it happened. Obviously Schiff knew this was going to happen, as did anyone with 1/2 a brain cell, but this fear mongering employee couldn't quite put his finger on it. Who caused it IS VERY IMPORTANT!


Speaking of fear, Steven is using fear just as we have seen with 9/11. The more you can put people into fear the more you can control them. Grow a back America and face up to our problems. So what if it crashes. It won't be the first time. So what if you lose a job. So what if your family has hard times. These things only strengthen you. Have you people become that weak that all you need is a little fear to let the government take over?

The world will starve

Did you catch this? "The farmers won't be able to grow crops and the world will starve"? Are you freaking serious? I thought this was an AMERICAN problem. While I do respect people of all nations and we should all work together, unfortunately people are too stupid to reach that level and instead we police the world and go to war with them. Aside from this thought, our job isn't to take care of the world. The world will starve? Are you freaking serious?

He would rather give the government a little control now rather than complete control later?

Are you serious? Are you sure you're on the right side? This guy is such a sheeple. He doesn't get it. If you let it crash now and unemployment reaches 25% and all the other stuff fine. That doesn't mean the government will now come in to save us. If they try you tell them know. This is our freaking country people. We don't need anybody to save us. We need to save ourselves. We let it crash and we fix it ourselves. We don't let them in now. We don't let them in when things get even rougher. We grow.

Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff predicted this crash would come in his book that was written 2 years back and knows the sound of this game. It's becomming more and more obvious what is going on. Please educate yourself people. Don't put anyone above you. Do your homework and get to the bottom of things.

Who would be your CEO out of these 2?

If I had both of these people as employees in my company Peter Schiff would be the CEO because he is able to put pieces together correctly and make the right moves. He can think for himself.

Steven Leeb would be doing some detailed, rote tasks because that's all he's good at, being a machine. He isn't able to look outside of his thin little reality or even question his boss. He listens to everything he is told and lives life in the moment. I only hope people can stretch themselves larger at one point.


Fear. Are you living in it?

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Sarah Stone: the

I recently interviewed Peter Schiff for Stephen Leeb's newsletter, yes - after their two weekends together on CNN. Although they feel differently regarding the role of government in the free market and the rescue package passed by congress - they both agree on the basics of how we got here - irresponsible lending, and a sub-prime credit crisis . The "Now What" is where they disagree.
Its not that Stephen is trying to instill fear, but rather the opposite. Economic security, in today's world cannot be separated from national security. To allow the economy to collapse would leave us completely vulnerable to those in the world who don't like us very much and lacking in the ability to maintain our military. I think it is a little more serious than falling on hard times. We have to save our economy to protect ourselves.
As result of the collapse of the financials, issuing credit has come to a standstill. Using a farmer as a real example, we can perhaps better understand the importance of unfreezing credit - and at the moment this is a worldwide fear - it is no longer just a problem in the U.S. markets. To grow crops, you need fertilizer. But what if farmers are unable to get credit to buy fertilizer and therefore can't grow food. The crisis in the financials is not an island and that is why it was so important for the economic rescue package to go through.
There is logic behind needing some government to keep totalitarian government at bay.
If we do fall into a depression and resources peak we are in big trouble and can open the way for a president to become a dictator. We were very lucky that in the depression of the 20th century, we had FDR at the helm - who was given total power - and not someone like Lindbergh. Throughout history people have sacrificed freedom for security and safety - therefore it would not be a unique situation to find ourselves in, but one that we should do everything to avoid. Inflation is a lesser evil than depression.
Please feel free to email me with any questions comments or concerns with what I have said. We are in scary times and are all hoping to do the best we can.

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