But of course they do, they are socialists that are reaping the weak rewards of their very doctrine. We are already moving backwards from socialism, which is why socialism is increasing. If socialism made people better they would no longer be socialists because they would outgrow ignorance and inefficiency.

Socialism allows people to devolve

Socialism doesn't take care of people better than capitalism. Socialism makes people worse -- it spoils them. Socialism teaches them to become complacent. Socialism teaches people to have others take care of you. If socialism was an immune system it would be dead. If socialism was a basketball team it would be the worst. Socialism is weak and it breeds weak, needy people who are devolving, not evolving. Socialism is quite literally promotion of the weakest. With socialism people aren't evolving from monkeys, they are evolving INTO monkeys.

Capitalism teaches people to grow

Capitalism on the other hand teaches people to take care of themselves. It teaches people to be educated. It teaches people to think. It teaches people to work. Capitalism doesn't even need to teach these things directly, they are just a bi-product of a system allowing for nature to take its place. And nature is obviously more capitalistic than socialistic. When you allow struggle and pain there will be growth. If you don't have somebody giving you everything you are forced to figure it out yourself.

Socialism takes advantage of poor people

I can hear it already: "Yeah, but Capitalism makes rich people take advantage of poor people!!!" BS. Capitalism raises the standard of living of poor people. Capitalism takes care of poor people BETTER than socialism. The facts of history clearly show it. Minimum wage ultimately lowers the wage for everyone as a whole. Unions ultimately lower the wages for everyone as a whole. Welfare creates inefficiency and complacency and makes everyone poorer.

Socialism creates monopolies

Moreover, in a truly capitalistic society, which we have never had in any country, there is a much LOWER chance of a monopoly than in socialistic society. Why is this? Because almost all monopolies throughout history come from government intervention -- not from a free market. These "greedy capitalists" that everyone talks about are only able to operate with the monopolies they have BECAUSE of government. So irrespective of misappropriated labels these "greedy capitalists" that everyone loves to hate are actually "greedy SOCIALISTS" by their actions. Greedy socialists! Not capitalists. Capitalists don't use the government to create monopolies like socialists. The government is what creates monopolies -- that is socialism. Until socialists really sit down and meditate on this they're never going to figure out they've been tricked by their own socialist team.

Socialism is racist

Capitalism gives anybody a chance to contribute however they see fit. Capitalism doesn't discriminate based off race. It discriminates based off value -- just like nature. If a capitalist chooses not to hire a good worker simply based off race then their competitor will and they will have a harder time getting ahead. Socialism, on the other hand, promotes racism. Let me say it in plain English: capitalism ALLOWS for racism; socialism PROMOTES racism. Socialism tries to say certain races should go here or there. Capitalism takes any race so long as it does the task needed.


Capitalism teaches people to take care of themselves. It teaches them to fish. Capitalists are more generous than socialists. Socialists run monopolies and tell others what to do. Socialism makes people weaker and dependent. Capitalism may not be the perfect system, but it is lightyears ahead of the illogical, contradictory and historical failure of socialism and its Kindergarten doctrine.

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Landon: Large overarching statements

Large overarching unsupported statements without any genuine understanding/reflection of the social world outside of a personal perspective. I understand your desires and at least your on the path of trying to better yourself, but you need to start thinking about where your beliefs come from. Not just from within the context of your own life either. I wish I could talk to you in real life because you do appear to be open, although misguided, and I feel as though I could genuinely get through; even the most difficult people know-a-days if given the opportunity I am expertly good at getting through to :) (not controlling please don't misunderstand me).

Im not going to repeat some of the things I've already written just see some of my other posts on the site including; gays, bi's, transexuals, transgenders and transcending religion (my favorite post of yours, but I still gave some critical help); as well as some quick info on "the hard toothbrush is the way to go"; and "N's are smarter than S's." I do have a post on "poor people chose to be poor" but as I stated on that blog I will never look at those posts again.

Landon: that is because I don't argue

that is because I don't argue, I try to help.

Landon: What I just said is because

What I just said is because no-one will ever convince another person to change there mind in an argument/debate style formate when it involves them defending a personal truth they are holding to be an absolute truth.

Hence why my first comment tried a different angle... of which I think the intent was misinterpreted. Love to Live and learn.

Don: I think this is a profound

I think this is a profound article. It nails many critical points that is often missed or dismissed.

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