I was recently reading an article on CNN (http://www.cnn.com/2010/POLITICS/03/03/health.care/index.html) and decided to check out some of the comments. I was appalled :( Hopefully this doesn't hurt too bad:

For those who think Obama can't run a store, you have been really brainwashed. This is by far, one of the smartest presidents we have ever had. Don't let the skin color fool you. We need healthcare. Many people are dying because of the lack of healthcare. I would rather see our country go bankrupt trying to saves lives than to continue going bankrupt fighting wars causing people lives here and abroad.

If you want to see a dumb president, get a picture of the one who just left office. Republicans are really just mad because this president is not talking about healthcare only, he is being about it.


Fix our food, Fix our Health Care. If XX% of our economy is based on our health care, is our economy strength based on sick people?

vote or don't, let majoyity rule. what else is there to say, health or death?

Lazier? When so many Americans are having to work 2 or even 3 jobs just to keep their heads above water? I don't think so! And if you were disabled, would you turn down assistance? If you could get food stamps and rent assistance, would you turn it down? I saw your post below - would you turn down any help that made life a bit easier for your kid?

The reason I support the bill is beacuse of coverage and cost. My insurance premium and deductable is sky high. I could not find any other carrier to cover our family because of pre-existng conditions.I don't know if this bill has the answers, but what options do Americans have today? We can't wait for tomorrow?

We need Healthcare reform, and the health care reform President Obama is offering will help create a health-care system that is not a drag on business.

I would like to ask the Republicans if they believe in Medicare. It was passed in the 1960's by the Democrats. I believe all Republicans voted against it along with a number of Democrats. Was it the right thing to do. At the time it was portrayed as being a Socialist program that would bankrupt the nation and it would be the end of America as you know it now. Do you Republicans still believe that. The same argument is being used today against Health care reform. The only difference being the Republicans of today for the most part support Medicare and would dare not touch it. It is the 3rd rail of Amercan politics. If you ask most Americans they support Medicare. The Republicans were wrong in the 1960's. History is repeating itself. After Health Care reform is popular I bet you Republicans will be praising it and saying how their amendments made it a good bill and that made all the difference in the world.
Time will tell......

It just goes on and on. Obviously there are some good posts in there too.

Keep in mind these are people on the Internet reading which is most likely a MORE intelligent crowd - the biggest contribution to Ron Paul came from the Internet. So it would be really interesting to see what the people who DON'T read online and who DON'T visit multiple sources think.

But I think G. Edward Griffin sums it up best:

People who have been taught that it is government's role to provide for their welfare, their health care, their food and housing, their jobs and retirement - such people will not be happy when they hear that these "rights" are being threatened.

And then a webmaster friend of mine:

Consider how amazing it is that religion, which cannot be falsified, is at an all time low in popularity and yet socialism, which has failed repeatedly and can logically be proven incorrect, is stronger than ever before.

And there you have it.

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