I probably come off as a Christian / Religion basher on my blog so allow me to set the record straight. I like Christians and religious people a lot. I find them to be positive people that can really enjoy and make the most out of life. I usually attack them on scientific and logical grounds because in most cases they have some problems in these areas, but as a whole and in the scheme of everyday things they really have a lot of things right. For instance...

Christians are loving people

For the most part, Christians are very loving people. They practice humility and forgiveness which are two extremely powerful qualities. It is rare to meet a Christian that will try to burn you in business or try to take all the credit for something. They are generally very fair people that can look beyond the physical and into the spiritual meaning of things. They are able to always see the good in people and help them whenever possible. They are not selfish and greedy and take only what belongs to them. These traits are all fantastic.

Christians don't get caught up in the unknown

Most Christians I know don't get caught up in the unknown things like the Universe, defining God, aliens and all that other stuff that becomes hard to get hard evidence for. They simply know that they are here to do good and take each day as it comes. Although it may be beneficial to know these things, it really doesn't help that much in day to day life, which is what really counts. It doesn't matter what equations you can come up with to quantify the universe if you can't get along with the people closest to you. Christians are very good about dealing with the issues of this life.

Christians spread good

Christians go out and spread their message with other people who may have not been exposed to it. I know what you're all thinking, "Why should they go around teaching their religion on people when they can't even prove it's correct, etc, etc..." It's good to spread it to other people because even though they may not have all the details in place and there may be holes, if you take a heathen and teach him the true core values of Christianity he will become a better person. I think any rational, mature human being could agree on that. Christians are not teaching people to steal or be greedy. They are not teaching people to envy each others wives and possessions. They are not teaching people to kill each other (and yet again come the Bible bashers to tell me of all the killing in the Bible). As a whole, I think religions like Christianity do more good for people than bad, and for that reason I am an advocate for it, even though at times I may get mad about certain points :).


So in short, become a Christian or you're going to BURN IN HELL FOREVER!!! j/k ;)

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