Cloud computing is basically where you pool resources together to allow instant scalability, on-demand resource consumption and redundancy. The cloud grows or scales down depending on what you're doing.

But it is a bit more technical than this. There are file clouds. There are processing clouds. And there are other types of clouds.

The only true cloud is file storage. This makes sense because to store files you can easily add new hard drives and keep scaling them out without having any issues. You can store as little or as much data as you want.

But this cloud model starts to fall apart with processing. When you process data on a computer you are using processor, memory and hard drives. The two main cloud server companies (Amazon and Rackspace) both offer cloud processing, but it isn't done in the true sense of a cloud. They have different cloud packages. You don't just tap into unlimited CPU. You have to choose what range of memory you want to use. They have different package sizes for different uses. You can choose 256 MB of memory or up to 1.5 GB. You can also choose different drive sizes to use with this. So you are working in a cloud within certain parameters. If you want to scale up from 256 MB to 1.5 GB you can't. You have to have them reconfigure your server for you. So you're really not using a true cloud. It's a hybrid and it's hype. A lot of what people call cloud computing isn't.

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