People seem to believe that college and education are somehow tied together, as if you can not have one without the other. This couldn't be further from the truth. College does not lead to education and education does not lead to college.

I spent two years of my life in school and experienced the utter nonsense of watching people who had absolutely no desire for education waste away their lives. And for those of us that were concerned with education college offered but one main source of knowledge - books - and a slooooow pace at best.

Now I know not all schools only teach with books, however, it is a very popular trait among many schools. Pretty much every class has its own book that the students go through throughout the semester. Most the discussions and class is based from the book. And most of the REAL learning is at home when you are doing your homework. Wait, why are you paying a college to teach you when you have to do homework? Why don't you just do homework and skip school?

Well if all colleges want you to do is read books why do you need college to do this? Reading books is one of the most basic things that you can do just about anywhere for very cheap. Why not spend $80/mo on books and call it a day? Or better yet, why not try something really off the wall and outrages - visit the library for free. If you want to pay for the support of an instructor to motivate you then by all means waste your money, but if you want to be truly enlightened you may want to rethink your education.

And if you think experience can only be gained in college think again. You gain experience by doing what you want to learn. If you need experience on law then start practicing law. Oh I forgot, you need a degree right? You're screwed without a degree! Because after all, why would a law firm want to hire a well-learned, degree-less attorney that can make them 10x that of a robotic college tool that comes with a degree.

You don't need a freaking degree. Start practicing law without one. If you can help a client, they will pay. Just start helping friends and people you know with all their legal work and advise them. Gain your experience with them, in the real world. Start small and grow, just like in any business.

But seriously, most colleges educate students through books. At the end of the day, you're gonna have to put some hard work in and grind books if you want to be smart. Sure you can talk to many great people, but you are going to be eventually referred to books. You may become smart by being in the company of smart individuals who want to help you, but don't bet on it.

So why do people somehow mesh education and college together? Because they are looking for a rote pathway that will give them an easy escape from hard work. Nobody wants to actually face hard creative problems that actually require you to move beyond yourself and grow. Nobody wants to actually stop and do some real thinking. They want somebody else to hold their hand and take responsibility for them.

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Concerned: College and Education

I see your point and agree entirely that education does not have to come from college, with the exception of a few tough subjects such as Physics and Math which many students require an instructor to explain it to them. However, tutoring can be accessed for a fee regardless of if you're enrolled in college.

I completed my bachelor's degree primarily to have a degree and also because it looks good on a resume and increased my salary. Many companies prefer a college educated candidate to fill certain positions. Additionally, there are career specialties which require a degree such as engineers, accountants, attorneys, doctors, nurses, etc.

Whether or not we believe a degree is necessary to acquire an education is of no importance in the real world because most professional positions require college education. However, I do agree that you can achieve a greater education on your own time by studying all of the subjects you desire knowledge in. I didn't learn anything in college that I couldn't have learned myself, and I have learned far more since graduating. I enjoy politics, philosophy and history and thus study them in great depth.

I wrote an article on my blog about the government pushing for everyone to have a college education and why that is not necessary. That is what I believe to be true, that not everybody should pursue college and everybody is not cut out for it. The more people that go to college the lower the standards are becoming.

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