But going to school for 4 years doesn't change anything. Having a degree doesn't make it any easier to get a job. Not having a degree doesn't keep you from getting a job. What keeps you from getting a job is yourself. What keeps you from your dreams is yourself. College can't provide either of these things.

Going to college is to procrastinate from the real world. Ask a college student what it is they want to do. Ask them if they have applied for a job that they want. The ones that know what they want to do have never applied, they've never seen if what they want to do really requires a degree. They've never considered applying without a degree just for the fun of it.

College allows people to set aside things that should be confronted. College doesn't fix your job problem. Whether you choose to face it before college or after college, it's still going to be there. You're still going to need to find a job when you graduate. And having a degree doesn't matter - especially if it's in a dying industry.

It appears as though the professional student is also the professional procrastinator.

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Jackson: college

Procrastionation is a bad thing, but considering the level inflation and tuition these days for most people college is out of the question. Gold prices are a good indicator of inflation and last time i checked gold was at a record.

do my essay: You say that students go to

You say that students go to college because they don't are dump?) Teenager maximalism is an effect of sexual maturity and you can ask any student and in 85% hear the same. College is a good opportunity to grow up gradually. Without rush.

mariabaucsh: Yes, you are very right about

Yes, you are very right about this my friend...

Viola Davis: they have to get some knowledge

I cannot agree that college students are there in college because they don't know what they want to do, or don't have the balls to do what they need to do.

They are in college because they have a plan and they have to get some knowledge or a minimum qualification before pursuing their ambition!

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