I find it extremely sad and discomforting how everyone across the world, including Americans now, is totally cool with socialism and thinks it is the government of the future. This same group of vehemently opposes anything that even has a hint of communism mixed in with it. Russia is evil! All those commie Chinese are bastards! Socialism? Yeah, sure where do I sign up? It's amazing what years of the idiot box will do to a nation. The sad reality is that socialism is just a different word for communism. They're both pretty much the same thing really.

Here's something you don't hear about on the nightly news:

When asked to explain Communism, Lenin replied, "Communism is Socialism in a hurry." Socialism has nowhere to progress but to Communism.

In case you didn't know, this world has been taken over by the Morgans, Rockefellers and all the other criminal syndicates that helped finance Karl Marx, Adolf Hitler and are now behind our global New World Order. But it's okay, people love communism. They don't have to work, think, grow or do anything but just sit around and be entertained. Why have morality when somebody can decide what's right and wrong for you? Why believe in God when you know our Materialist Scientists have already confirmed that's all nonsense, kinda like how the world used to be flat... Why be rewarded for work when you can be rewarded for play? Why stand for anything, when anything goes? Communism is where it's at.

So have at it, let's enter a new dark ages. I'm thinking we should re-design our American flag to something a little more fitting for our current paradigm of bondage, slavery and absolute filth:

I like the subtle tone of red offset with the sickle and hammer, makes me feel right at home.

But it's okay, this is what thousands upon thousands have given their lives for. The Americans that froze to death and ate their dogs during the Revolutionary War did it all for fun. The people that died in the name of freedom are okay with changing it to dieing in the name of bondage, it's the same thing really. Anybody that has ever given their life for this once great nation would be happy to see what it has become.

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socialtalker: whats with the hissy fit?

i am a bit at a loss for your histrionics. could you please be a bit clearer on WHAT is upsetting you so? these criminal syndicates as you mentioned have been around for ages, why are you losing your mind now?

Quinton Figueroa: If you don't already know
@socialtalker (view comment)

If you don't already know then I'm not going to tell you.

Cindybelle: Does it Matter?? Reality check 2009...

I totally "get" where you were going with this blog post, and understand the history behind the "bondage" we have been putting ourselves and our children into. I feel sorry for those who are too blind (biased) to really "get it". Keep blogging...I think you are right on "the money".

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