Pretty much all things around us are a result of creativity. I can't really think of anything that comes before creativity and I find it extremely valuable to place a large emphasis on creativity.

I find it sad to see our current society living in such a rote, left-brained, materialistic, regurgitation-heavy, small-minded state of existence. How many people do you know that spend more than 10 minutes a day listening to their own creativity?

We are all creative beings

At the core we are creative beings. Creativity is the essence that constructed all the materialistic, scientific, and intellectual items that fancy us. Think about it, there wouldn't be any science if it wasn't for creativity. Somebody had to come up with the laws that construct science. You can't learn from a science book without first having somebody inspired to write a science book. You can't write a science book without first coming up with material to put in the book. You can't come up with material to put in the book without first experimenting. You can't experiment without trying something that nobody has dared to try - something that no book has yet to uncover - something that is a recorded piece of somebody's very own genius. Creativity is at the heart of so many things!

Creativity creates songs which people with skills later regurgitate. Without the creativity first creating the song people like Britney Spears would have nothing to sing.

The value of creativity is unparalleled when compared to everything else. Creativity is one of the most, if not the most, useful values to possess here on Earth :). Strive for creativity and listen to your very own ideas!

I would like to close with a poem I wrote (or is it a song?):

No ambition
Personal intermission
Low recognition
Lacking in mission

Listen fellow human beings
Open up your infant wings
Reach out and discover you
Something no one else can do

Should be dancing should be singing
Even painting while you're dreaming
Or perhaps just plain old thinking
For you're a creative being

For when your time has come and passed
All will cry and all will laugh
You should know you're so much more
Than you give you credit for

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