The meaning of nation in this day in age is more of a global thing. There are fewer nations today that are entirely distinct from each other. By a land and cultural scale nations still have differences that are noticeable, but as far as military and protection goes, more and more nations are merging with others for security and preservation. Groups like the UN are a fine example showing nations joining together for the safety and well-being of their people. Groups like these link nations together as allies with one another. If one goes to war, others back them and so on (at least that’s how it’s defined).

I suppose the more a nation develops the more it globalizes. Basically every nation on earth these days knows how to speak at least two languages, and one of them being English. I feel this is a result of nations working together more and becoming more of a centralized nation that veers away from the conventional term of a nation. Nations still have their history and traditions, but I feel in this day in age it is not possible to exist without the help and resources of other nations.

I guess nation in this day and age is defined as a self-governing group of people living in a defined area.

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