I find defining the word smart quite interesting and challenging. I have struggled with it for years and never really been happy with something that encompasses all cases.

People are always throwing out the word smart for many different cases. Somebody may call somebody with a lot of education smart. Some may call somebody with a lot of experience smart. Others may call a rich person smart. Others may call a good business man smart. Some may call somebody with a high IQ smart. Some may call an extremely creative person smart. Still others may call a happy person smart. The definitions for the word smart go on and on, but what really is the best definition?

I don't really think there is a best definition. For such a demanding word it is hard to find just one explanation that will live up to the task. After much consideration the best definition I have come up with is: somebody who lives their life in harmony with nature.

I see nature as being the most perfect 3rd dimensional framework for us to build our lives upon. Everything in nature is balanced perfectly and in harmony. To me, nature is smart. And being one with nature is smart. It seems like all other definitions of the word smart have some type of vice that doesn't quite live up to such a demanding word.

So if you're wondering what I do when I'm not building web sites I am figuring out definitions for words ;).

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