These days you hear about people going to college and getting degrees in various fields of study with the hopes of finding a good, solid job. The sad reality is that less and less of these college graduates are able to find work and it is only going to get worse. To me the answer is clear: we need more entrepreneurs and less employees.

If the problem is jobs then all we need to do to solve it is create jobs. The idea of expecting somebody else to take care of you is elementary and an old paradigm. Let's cut the BS and move into the reality of self-responsibility. All you have to do is look outside and see how many problems there are in this world. Everywhere you look there are things being done wrong, greedy people controlling others, technology being suppressed and tons of other outdated ideas.

Isn't it time to actually take some initiative and fix these problems? You solve 2 problems by doing so: 1) You give yourself a job and 2) you make the world a better place. It's really a very simple solution and the right solution.

All it requires is that people stop giving their power to others and start putting it back in their own hands. The idea of going to school, getting a degree and doing the same thing over and over to make money is shallow. We need grow up and show our true potential that has been stunted from birth.

I am not saying education isn't important. I am saying working for somebody else isn't important. It's a big part of what got us into this problem. I can assure you if we continue the current system it will end in more government and corporations and less you. There will always be the bankers waiting for the beat up employees that turn to them. And they have quite the plan ready for you when you do so, and the plan isn't written in your favor.

Day by day we are giving up more of ourselves by succumbing to the employer/employee paradigm. It's simply not needed. Having problems finding a job? Good, go fix one of the millions of problems right in front of our faces. Things not going your way? Do something about it. It's time we throw away the diapers and pull out the overalls. It's called hard work, something so few know little about these days.

We really have nobody to blame but ourselves for the current predicament that we're in right now, and the truth of the matter is how incredibly simple all these "problems" are to fix if we just took responsibility of our own lives for once and became entrepreneurs.

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work hard for less: Im scared

I need to be taken care of though

Anonymous: I agree with your point that

I agree with your point that people need to take responsibility of their lives. It is becoming harder to do so especially when government continues to interfere with the free market by implementing policies that control and regulate the private sector. This doesn't stimulate, it suppresses the economy making it harder for small businesses to survive. God help us if social healthcare passes...

Obama = Fail..

Quinton Figueroa: That's absolutely right. It
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That's absolutely right. It will only get worse and worse as the middle class is erased and we are brought into an social/communist government, that is, unless we do something about it.

Anonymous: If you have not already, and

If you have not already, and you are a reader, you should really pick up the book Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto by Mark R. Levin. It is a fantastic read and extremely informative.

Quinton Figueroa: I've seen this book on the
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I've seen this book on the bestsellers list for a while, guess I'll have to pick it up :).

Concerned: You make some great points

I agree that the problem lies in individuals increasingly accepting the easy way in life and doing the minimal to get by. For many that means going to school to get a trade or degree and then working for a boss the rest of their lives. The fact is most Americans are lazy and lack the ability to use reason. It has now come to be that most Americans seem to believe the government is their friend and wants to help them when this couldn't be further from the truth. All governments are in favor of growing bigger and bigger, with totalitarianism being the end result. A democracy is by far one of the most dangerous forms of government in the world. Majority rules without respect to individual rights, unlike a Republic which protects your rights. Somehow our Republic has been forgotten in the last century.

The post mentioning Levin's book I commend. I have read about half of the book and so far it has been a great read. Another excellent book is Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, and Anthem. If you have an open mind when you read Anthem you could see how that might be true for our world in another hundred years or so, or less sadly.

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