The more research I do about life, God and religion the more I come to the following conclusion about atheists and myself: I agree with pretty much everything atheists say except their conclusions. I would even go as far as saying that most atheists kind of have an "employee" type mentality. They are good at analyzing details and being machines, but bad at putting things together and grasping a whole concept (I'm down with being proven wrong here if I am - I wish there were stats to show the ratio of atheist employees/businessmen vs spiritual employees/businessman). I'm not just targeting atheists here either, I am targeting anyone who is an employee for reasons within their control.

Atheists are inherently pessimistic while theists are inherently optimistic. Atheists generally only go with an idea if it can be proven scientifically, while theists on the other hand are fine accepting an idea if it can't be proven scientifically. One sees the glass as half empty and the other as half full. According to successful people and businesses, the optimistic approach is the better approach.

Atheists lack the business sense of knowing that not all the lights will ever all be green and nothing will ever line up 100% all the time. Life has too many variables to be able to take the all or nothing approach. Earthly judgment needs some type of business and rational sense that is built off experience and working with others. Things like leadership, understanding, listening, modesty, love, patience, persistence, and all the other qualities of a successful businessman/individual are important for the person making conclusions off research and data.

Seriously, when an atheist says something to me I will be totally cool with listening to them and testing it and all that. But what I will also do is look at their life - look at their decisions in life. I will see if they learn from their mistakes and if they are growing as an individual. I am all for listening to everyone and if something is true, it doesn't matter who said it. But when in doubt, which happens more often than not with things like the big bang, purpose of life, philosophy and so on, I am going to side with the person with business sense and experience with being the one that oversees and chooses what employees work on daily. The one that is able to take care of themselves AND others. I don't at all mean this in a bad or condescending way, I just see businessmen as a more evolved being, and I'm sure atheists could appreciate that.

The following are some of the conclusion I currently hold with the tough questions in debate.


Why exist at all if matter could not exist? Atheists can't answer this question. This is highly in favor of there being a reason for matter and a purpose for life (eternal progression).


Physics in itself is pretty much a "God". Physics has truth and allows for attributes which lead to growth. Pretty much everything that happens in our bodies and life is a result of physics.


There are also some other strange things, like light. Based off my research I have found that light actually exists outside of time and space. Some people may find this completely absurd but Einstein's theory of relativity has really opened up some doors with science showing some interesting things in favor of God. I am no physicist myself (and neither are most atheists), but I would encourage Googling this to find out for yourself.

Basically as things speed up they shrink in size (e=mc²). Light travels at the speed of light so it has no dimension. Light reaches everything instantly because it is outside of the bound of time. Relative to light's perspective, based off Einstein's theory of relativity (he's somewhat smart...) light is everywhere at once. There is no time with light! Relative to our perspective, yes there is, but to light no. Go ahead, put some thought into it, it's a totally anti-logical explanation that really IS logical.

On top of all this it just shows how stupid we really are. Is looking at the universe from our perspective really the "truth"? Einstein kicks ass.

The Big Bang

Another thing that I totally do not get is how atheists can say that the big bang does not show existence for a creator. I mean, it is pretty apparent there was some type of singularity where everything that is in our universe today came about in a split second. There is mad evidence showing that this happened, yet there is no scientific explanation why or who. The scientific explanations try to get technical with things like singularities being at the middle of black holes and the multi-universe concept. Oddly enough, the multiverse theory hardly answers anything. Okay, so even if there are multiple universes (which I am totally okay with but this still lacks any empirical evidence) those would still have some type of big bang effect themselves - you still run into the same problem of dealing with a "universe". This doesn't solve the problem and takes you back to the first problem.


Entropy basically states that energy is constantly being depleted and that all the stars will eventually run out of energy. Where does that energy come from once everything dies out? Does it somehow 2nd law of thermodynamics its way back into existence?

Taken directly from Wiki we find that "During this transformation, there will be a certain amount of heat energy loss or dissipation due to intermolecular friction and collisions; energy that will not be recoverable if the process is reversed." So we're losing energy but yet the universe is eternal?


There is also some interesting findings such as how our mathematics breaks down when trying to solve the math of the singularity. I find this interesting because it just shows how stupid we are and how while our mathematics does have apparent value in everyday life and science, it is far from being the "correct" language of the universe. Mathematics is still man made and not in the correct alignment with the "real physics" if it even exists. It simply is a man made tool that allows people to communicate scientific things. It seems as though God does not use math, he is way beyond that. He uses pure perfection.


I am certainly not saying all atheists are employees. But I am saying, if you are reading this right now, disagree with it, and are an employee this message goes out to you: Businessman are a more evolved form and started out as employees, just as adults start out as children.

I'm not like most Christians, or religious people for that matter, in saying that all atheists will go the Hell for not "believing in Jesus". That is retarded, childish and there is no "Hell"! I'm just sharing my view and am always open to changing it after careful consideration.

I leave all my atheist friends a link to a sweet site that I doubt anyone will visit despite me visiting all their anti-God sites: I know I know, people's experiences and out of body experiences are invalid. We can trust an electron microscope telling us atoms exist but not several out of body experiences from atheists, gays and religious people that God exists.

If I was running a business of life I would side with God, does that make me a bad businessman?

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Ben: God

Fantastic post yet again slayerment :) It shows that you have really put a lot of research into this. I was particularly interesting in the whole concept of light being outside of space time. When I first read it I was like "That's wrong, because it takes time from the light from stars to get to us," But after thinking about it I realized that is just our perspective. wait a second... hmm...

I was reading in this book about physics/universe that scientists are puzzled why the universe is a uniform temperature. Why particles at one side of the universe are basically the same temperature at the other side of the universe, even though it would take much longer to diffuse compared to how old the universe actually is. They are trying to get around this problem by the expansion theory, basically saying that the universe expanded at a rate of 10^22 (I think that number is correct, my book isn't in front of me) until the universe was at its present size. That would solve the problem of why the temperature is the same everywhere, but no one knows how the universe slowed down. This idea is probably fare fetched, but since light exists outside of space/time, perhaps that is why the universe is a uniform temperature? Since light is everywhere at once, that would make sense (although can photons disperse heat?). Just an interesting idea. Anyway, back on topic!

I think you need to make a post describing how you view god, or more specifically, how humans can't really comprehend god. I feel like the number one reason atheists are atheists and why some people don't like religious folk is because people have this view of a God that sits on a cloud, judges you, helps you and sends little signs in life, and is generally a person but with greater capabilities. I'm not sure about you, but this view (and it is the most prevalent view) seems like a gross oversimplification. I don't believe we can really comprehend God at this point in our evolution, but in my opinion the fact that we exist at all points to some sort of creator.

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