You are not the same person you were a year ago, a week ago or even yesterday. People change on a daily basis and grow.

When I look back at some of my older posts I cringe at some of the things I have said. But I am not necessarily the person who said them. I am a different person at a (hopefully) higher level. The same way our atoms are always changing and we are not the atoms we were from last year, I think this happens too with our mind and spirit. These change as well. So what really is you? Are you the same you from 2 years ago? Do you hold the same beliefs? Would you approach a question the exact same way you did 10 years ago? How do you really place a definition on you? What are you really? Is it possible that you from 2 years ago could be more similar to a different person from the present day? Can another person be more similar to the old you than the present you?

We look at people like Thomas Jefferson or Adolf Hitler and we forget that these people are not just one all-inclusive package. These are people that have had their ups and downs and their many different incarnations of their "you". They too changed throughout their life and became better in certain ways and worse in other ways.

It's an interesting idea. I think the important thing is that we are all constantly changing and at different levels. I think it is a liberating and refreshing idea to come to the understanding that we never need to be bound to who we used to be. We have all made our mistakes and learned many lessons and we always have the opportunity to make the present "you" the best you can be.

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