I've seen this for years: Domainers will swipe up some solid Internet estate and then just let it chill in their GoDaddy account and wait for the big sale 10 years down the line. That's cool and all, but they're missing out on a lot more. The more savvy domainers will park their domains with ads, but in most cases these pages return improper headers and do very little for getting indexed in search engines - and you guessed it, being indexed in the search engines is a really big deal, especially if you have good domain names that you're just sitting on. Having 1,000 domains is cool, but having 1,000 domains building trust with Google each and every day is even cooler.

Most people probably aren't aware that trust is a HUGE factor with Lord Google. Well it is, so big that if you launch a new domain and try to rank it for something with moderate to hard competition you will be sandboxed from ranking for about a year or so, give or take your link profile (which again is trust). So in order to combat this it is wise to just lay out all your domains and just sit on them. They don't have to be anything special, but something is better than nothing, and building that trust early on is a huge key to crushing it if you ever decide to develop the domain, and much more valuable for the sell as well.

The reason most domainers don't take the step of getting a proper site set up is because of 2 reasons:

  1. They don't know. Most people just don't know that index age is important to the G and therefor do nothing about it.
  2. They don't have the technical know-how / management infrastructure. Hosting a lot of sites can be hard if you're not an experienced developer so most people just let their host cash park it and call it a day.

I would highly recommend the age thingy for people.

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