A few months back I wrote a post about how technology scales a reality and I wanted to expand on that. With the advent of the information age it is becoming more and more clear that this is precisely what is happening with people and their Internet habits. You have two different splits.

The majority of people who spend majority of their time socializing and being entertained on the net. These are the people who may spend some time watching popular videos on YouTube or messaging their friends on Facebook, Twitter or SpamSpace. They are basically scaling their entertainment reality. Rather than watching a few hours of TV or hanging out with a few friends, they can now watch pretty much whatever they want and hang out with all their friends at the same time. They are leveraging the power of technology to their entertainment advantage.

The other group is the people that use the Internet as their library. They spend the majority of their time watching educational videos, listening to podcasts and reading anything they want to know more about. It's like being at college² for this group.

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