People are always talking about how to improve yourself and become better, but I figured why not list out some guidelines that will only make your life worse.


Being greedy is extremely important because it is in conflict with the universe. If everyone in the world was greedy we would get nowhere because everyone was too busy burning everyone else. If everyone was kind and generous there would be a surplus of progress, we definitely don't want that!

No Value

There is no point in learning to do anything good yourself. It's always much easier and better in the long run to feed off others and let them do the dirty work. Why spend your time developing your talents when you could develop your negatives?

Love Money

Money is important because it allows you to buy material distractions which are great for taking away from your daily growth.

Hate People

Since you're smarter than everyone there is no need to like people. You're better than they are. They are mere machines!

Take Only

Sharing is over-rated, that's something wusses do and I would highly recommend only taking. After all, the things you're taking are not being shared, oh wait.

Don't Listen

You definitely don't want to listen because you might actually learn a new perspective or hear a different angle that makes sense. People also don't like being listened to.

Be Impulsive

Anything that looks pleasing to you should be done immediately. Theres no need put any thought into your actions or the results of them because that would bring you too far from your animal nature. In fact you might as well...

...Think Less

Nothing good came from people who sat around thinking. Just inventions, art, music, stories and tons of other useless things. Just because you're born with a brain doesn't mean you should use it. Thinking is way hard and should be avoided at all costs.

Don't Challenge Yourself

It is much safer to not accomplish something than to accomplish something. You're never going to fail if you don't try, which is what counts. Missing 100% of the shots you DON'T take is awesome because you would never make them anyway. Nobody in the history of mankind has ever completed any challenge they went for.

Think you're better than others

Thinking you're better than others is an easy way to show your regression. Not only does it show that you don't understand their situation but it also shows that you don't want to care.

Don't Share Your Knowledge

Trying to stay smarter than others is a fun way to keep people and humanity from progressing. It shows that you demand respect and are a powerful person. This feeds the ego and is a great thing.

Stop Forgiving

No need to forgive people. After all, it is much more fun and productive to keep all the anger inside and let it build.

Don't Make A Stand

Making a stand is a sign of weakness. It shows that you are not going with what is popular which is very risky. The popular idea is always right.

Eat anything

A healthy body is over-rated. If God made all different types of food that people can eat then who are you to judge others for indulging in gluttony? Anything goes when it comes to food!


So what do all these have in common? A few things: They are all easy, fast, safe and anything else that comes less from the mind and more from the body.

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