The economy for the past several years has been a phony economy. We still have a phony economy. We haven't fixed anything and until we do the economy can't come back.

I think Rich Dad says it best:

The economy has changed. Things are different. It's not going to come back to the way it was. It just can't. Too many things are different now. So you had better learn to deal with it.

Having a hard time finding a job? It's not going to get any easier. Deal with it. Your best bet is to create your own job.

Waiting for your home to appreciate? Don't. It's only going to depreciate more.

Having a hard time making your dollar buy anything? Deal with it. Inflation is only going to destroy your savings and investments more and more. You might as well dump your dollars while you still can.

Having a hard time coping with politicians? Do something about it. They're only going to become more corrupt.

Pissed about the bankers stealing everyone's wealth? Stop banking with them.

Mad about corporate food? Buy local.

Everything is going to get worse until we finally hit rock bottom. I do not see any fixes being possible until we first experience a huge crash, and we haven't seen anything yet. We're still just getting warmed up for the mother of all crashes.

So much for green shoots.

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