The more I think about this the more I think it's true: employees take each day one at a time and enjoy the most of it, while businessman are always trying to make a better future for themselves.


All the people I know with day to day jobs are always living in the moment. They take each day as it comes and plan their personal life around their day. They would much rather go home each day and hang out with some friends or watch TV or do something that is fun and pleasurable. They are happy with their current position and don't have a reason to push any further than where they currently are.


Most businessmen I know, however, seem to always be thinking long term and about building their future. They are okay with sacrificing their current situation if it will make their future state of being better. They are always building towards something at the end of the road that will create long term results. They usually have harder lives in the beginning and towards the end have more freedom to do the things they want.


The way I see it neither side is right or wrong, they're just different and that's what makes life so cool. Everyone has their own thing that works for them and that is awesome! What am I you ask? 100% BUSINESSMAN!

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