Smart people seem stupid to dumb people. And dumb people seem stupid to smart people.

Ron Paul appears stupid to dumb people because they haven't done the research. Dumb people seem stupid to him because they are less knowledgeable.

But seriously, this is why we can't elect good representatives in Congress. Manly P Hall wrote a brilliant quote on this:

One of the difficulties of a representative government is that it does represent us. It does not do what we hope it will do - allow us to vote for persons more perfect than ourselves. If we had the chance we would not vote for them anyway, because anything more perfect than ourselves would frighten us.

If somebody like Ron Paul comes along with more wisdom than the average moron it scares them. It's simply too much to handle and they simply write him off as a fool.

And then when somebody who is wise sees a real fool like George Bush or Barack Obama come along they too write him off as a fool.

So whichever what you slice it, we're never the fool, everyone else always is. Obviously.

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