In my search for understanding the world and humans I have reached the conclusion that everyone should seek growth and self-mastery. They should seek to overcome their challenges and take on their problems and grow from them.

It doesn't matter your current condition or where you came from. Everybody is here purposefully, were it not so you would not be here. Therefore, in our world of purpose everybody has certain growths to achieve. We are here for only a short time and during this time everyone should seek to learn from the world and others as they build into being the best they can.

People may think that somebody who is born into a 3rd world country has no chance at becoming as successful as somebody in a more modern country. While this is probably fairly true, it does not mean this individual should throw in the cards and quit the game of life. Everybody has different states of life in which they are born into and start from. Rather than running from and ignoring these states they should take them on and confront them. Just as a rich person has a certain set of skills needed to develop and grow, the same can be said about a poor person. Everybody always has more to reach for no matter where they are in life.

Everybody has the capacity to grow whether they be blind, sick, twisted, evil, deaf, poor or whatever else may be their hand in life. Regardless of all these conditions there are always avenues of growth and development to be reached. Somebody who is born into a favorable circumstance may grow to become one of the best people the world has ever known while somebody who is born into a pitiful circumstance may only grow to become mediocre. How is the person born into the favorable circumstance any better than the one born into the pitiful circumstance? I don't really think he is. I think it comes down to dealing with your current situation and your own set of goals. It makes sense that it would be much more beneficial to grow from squaller to mediocrity than to start at riches and not grow at all.

In Summary

If everyone was supposed to live the exact same life and start from the same start as another why then are there so many different countries, races, physical characteristics and lifestyles? If we were all to be the same would we not be born the same?

Each person has their own unique set of conditions which are presented to them from birth. It is up to them to do the best they can to make due and overcome these conditions. It is through these adversities that we grow and through our problems that we learn. Why then do so many people blame others and despise moving forward in life? If your life was to be as your somebody else's life would you not be born as them?

The growth in our lives is what develops us and fulfills our life. We are here to live. And we each should seek excellence, growth and self-mastery.

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