Often times I think about growth and the changes in people's lives. One of the things that I find interesting is that a lot of the time people may not know something is affecting their life in a negative or positive way because things are happening so slowly.

Like take an overweight person for example. Most overweight people do not get overweight intentionally. It is something that is very slow and gradual and hits them harder and harder with time. Being overweight usually starts out with bad habits that are formed early on and then over time through the manifestation of these bad habits the results of these negative choices are directly reflected in their body. This can then be an extremely hard habit to break as becoming healthy and fit again is just as slow and gradual, if not more so. Except this time your slow and gradual changes are not fun, they take work and effort!

I'll be honest, I'm not really sure what point I'm trying to make here. I just find it fascinating how the choices we make slowly grind to perfection with science and life. Since everything is happening so slowly it almost creates an illusion in front of you where you don't even see the effects that certain actions your are doing create. This is one of the things that makes life so dynamic and interesting. We are basically living in slow-mo.

Like think of an older person. During the period of say 80 years or so they have experienced a full life with all the twists and turns one may come to expect. The interesting thing is that through all this time there really wasn't that much change. People really don't change that much. Like think about everything that happens for most people in 80 years. What do they really learn? What do they contribute? Do they really have that much of an impact? I suppose it depends on the person, but it seems as though most older people haven't changed that much, and that's with 80 years of time. It's just interesting.

It seems weird to think that it takes so long for us to really not make that much progress. A lot of people will go through life making the same mistake over and over again and never really learn their lesson. Why is that? Why do people continue to make these mistakes over and over again? I think a lot has to do with time creating an illusion of reality to them. Since there are no immediate effects, it creates no immediate consequences. Once the consequences begin to catch up digging back out of this hole can be another slow and gradual task where the effects aren't immediately seen.

Are we as humans just so stupid that everything has to be put in slow-mo for us? Why is everything gradual and slow? My answer would be that it's because we are slow learners.

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